Betting the house on Lawler

Lost my house on Conor then my shed and car on Woodley. I took out max credit and will put all of it on Lawler. Took it at -120.

Writing this from my friend’s couch. He says I’m out of here next week. I literally own nothing except this phone and a pair of joe boxers.

Wish me luck to dig myself out of this hole.


I want this to be real. Post screenshots of the bet on the app or take a pic of the betting slip.

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How did you get home from Vegas and sort out the hotel situation after the Woodley fight.

Want details

Lawler + Laura Murphy parlay. Thank me later.


It’s real. I was 7 months behind in mortgage payments for my fountain valley home. Bet enough money I had recently acquired to payout what I owed plus interest. And then enough to purchase a used BMW i3 to save fuel. I had my plan all set but Conor stole my money with his snake oil talk and lost my house.

Shed wasn’t part of bank repossession so I moved it to my friend’s property. This was a nice shed that had electricity capability. Took a loan to put down a bet on Woodley but lost and had to sell the shed and my Durango to pay back the loan. Last bit of money I used to for the top notch suite at Circus Circus and a fancy buffet. I was so sure Woodley would win but should have known that it was fixed to help hype up that f*cker Jake Paul. Worst was that I didn’t have enough to pay for my 3 days of resort fees at circus circus so I told them that the toilet clogged and ruined my trip so that I’d get my resort fees waived. Humiliating.

It’s all on Lawler now. No home, no shed, no car. Took out a loan with my mom’s retirement fund as collateral. This I’m sure will be a winner. Diaz show boats and the crowd goes crazy but is all fluff and no substance like he was for the Silva fight. Look at UFC embedded- he’s bloated and had to request a middleweight bout. Lawler looks in shape and has been active. I love Diaz but Lawler takes it without a doubt. This is a sure bet.


I was able to get enough (don’t ask me how) to take the megabus back to SoCal. Worst was that the bus goes past Pomona, where my friend’s couch is, without stopping and had to take a train back to Pomona. Trip was 10 hours. I made it though!


"Conor stole my money "

What a dumb mf you are

Seems like you wont learn your lesson till you’re on the street

Good luck sucking dicks for crack


I blame two things for my house repossession:

  1. Conor McGregor
  2. Your cunt face

In no particular order


You already proved you’re as dumb as they come…no need to emphasize

Not a troll man. My mom signed over a portion of her 401K as an asset for the loan collateral. Not a huge amount as there are limits but regulation doesn’t allow her for total early withdrawal. It also allowed me to leverage several times the value of the collateral instead on just betting the amount she put up. Also wasn’t allowed to.


If you were smart you’d bet on Lawler as well. Come back to this thread come Saturday night and eat crow, you will see.


Fucking respect you bro. Probably the most interesting poster on here. Good luck this weekend bro

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I appreciate it brother! We can bump this thread come Saturday and will celebrate with a buffet for having enough to rent a decent 1 bedroom in Huntington Beach, have a car, and pay back my loans. Either way I’m off this couch according to my friend.


Has to be a troll. Who would bet their life on guys with one win in five or more years?
Woodley hasn’t thrown anything more sophisticated than an overhand right since…… ever? lol. He literally got cut from the UFC for playing freeze tag. He did. He thought the rules changed. Everytime he landed a good clean shot on someone … he froze and waited for them to hit him back. Fucking bizarre… and you bet your life on him lol

So, no way this is real.

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HOLY SHIT!!! It is SOOOO cool to see you here on the UG, Mr. Anik!!!


And what kind of a piece of shit bets with his mothers retirement? lol Buster Douglass, heard of him?


Hindsight is 20/20 my friend. Woodley is legit but it’s irrelevant if it’s a fixed fight. In an unscripted fight Woodley takes it 99 times out of 100.

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Yeah matter fact I have heard of buster douglas and if I bet on him then I would have become a millionaire. Your point?


Lawler is 39

He lost his last 4.

He has 15 losses on his record.

His prime was around 2015.

His last win is a decision against Cerrone who is just as old and is a 155er.

Good luck OP.


Your faith in humanity is still grand.

Unfortunately there are a lot of idiots like this on our planet.

On the plus side this one will be on the streets soon and life expectancy drops significantly