Big John McCarthy - Salary

I really do not know what ref's generally make so really don't have anything to base my thread from other than to say that Big John's salary for UFC 59 seemed really low.

For someone who has been involved since the very beginning, that just seems very low to me.

Am I wrong in thinking this or is this actually on the top end of what ref's make?

I do not have anthing to reference from so don't know.

Does anyone?

He may receive other compensation from Zuffa. He may also just enjoy doing it.

john has a rough job imo and his years of experiance is priceless,i agree he should get paid better.big johns a tactical instructor for the lapd and im sure hes finacially well off though and im sure he does enjoy his role in the mma feild

1200 bucks, if that's correct, doesn't seem bad for a nights work. I'm sure he also gets a hotel, fights, food, etc... He didn't have to train or otherwise prepare, I think it's fair.

"""""let's scrutinize over your salary."

OK, but you would be envious if you knew what I made.

If you read my post correctly you would know I was just posing a question, and even admitted i had nothing to reference it with. That is why I just asked the question. You seem edgy. Relax, its Mother's Day.

Ok ViewType slow down. Big John has paid his dues, and belongs where he is at. I think he probably has something worked out.

what does he do in life except reffing?

1200 for a night of reffing is not bad at all

"""""1200 for one night of work is a hell of a lot more than that fat fuck deserves for his bullshit. """"

Why in the world would you say that Viewtype? Big John does a good job, has made a few mistakes, but all refs do at some point in their career. He does a good job.

that number sounds about right to me. Where do you think it should be?

He reffed 2-3 fights for 1200.00, a trip to Vegas, an after party and the dude got to sign autographs. $1200.00 aint a bad night with all that considered.

Sin City Hustler - I don't know what it should be, I had never known what refs made so was just curious as to see if that was par for the course or not.

From the sounds of the responses, it sounds like the money he is getting paid is right around where it should be.

I guess I thought it would be higher since he has been involved for so long.

$1,200 is way off...Its more

Thats usually the judges..

Hold up, isnt he a part owner?

I know for a fact that he used to get paid by seg back in the day..I dont know why things would have changed.

Well then wouldnt all reffs make the exact same thing if that was the case?

And the 2,600 figure is very close..

Wouldn't the athletic commissions pay the ref's and judges?

He gets paid well Ray....Im sure of it...

What do you care if he is curious how much John makes?