Big Man VS (2) 100 lbs Chimps

Who wins?
Well, they just told about it on TV........
Out in California........
This man and his wife "took in" and raised an orphaned Chimpanzee (sp) and after it was on up in age to take care of itself, they took it to a type of habitat for monkeys so it could live amonst other monkeys.

Well, after a few months they decided to go out and visit the monkey. At some point during the visit, they were attacked by two other Chimps. One Chimp went after the man and the other went after the woman. She was able to get away but not until her thumb was bitten off.

Then the monkey joined the other attacking the man. Now as far as I understand, this was a big and healthy man and a little on the "brawny" side. A man in which most would think could take very good care of himself in a "physical" situation.

Well, to put it plainly...........

they ripped the man apart. They tore his ear off. Gouged one of his eyes completely out. They nearly pulled his jaw from his head. They bit off 7 of his fingers. His neck was broken. His back was broken. And I could go on and on..........

One of the workers heard the screams, went to his truck and got a gun, and killed one of the Chimps. They other chimp was also killed a little while later.

This man was so messed up that they couldn't even show his face on TV...He is wheelchair bound and can not even feed himself.

Did anyone else see this?

I think this may answer some of the "Man VS Animal(s)" threads we've had over the last year or so.

Is this what you'd think would happen?

They also ripped his nuts off - no joke. The dude was older and I pretty sure he was over weight. But I'm pretty sure two chimpshave the advantage over anyone except for OMA.

Hey tool, I didn't know when it happened.........

This was the first I heard about it.

And what would be the best way to deal with this attack?

How would you try to hurt the monkeys?



Eye Gouge?

Sounds like maybe he was trying an eye gouge, but was getting his fingers bitten off in the process.

Knees, knees!!!

If this is the same story, not only did he raise the thing, and went to visit it, but he was visiting it for it's birthday and had brought gifts (a cake maybe?).

A Chimp has the strength of 5 men

"If this is the same story, not only did he raise the thing, and went to visit it, but he was visiting it for it's birthday and had brought gifts (a cake maybe?)."

Obviously he needed to hit the chimp in the face with the birthday cake!

this makes tyson wanting to get in the cage with a gorilla that much funnier ...i wish the zoo keeper took the 10k lol

I can not stand assholes that complain if someone happens to post something already discussed. Jump on the guy cause the story is old, WHY ARE YOU POSTING THIS, IT IS OLD NEWS.

SO WHAT !!!! He wanted to talk about it. Not everyone has no friggen life and studies every thread on the underground (year in and out) so that he does not make the mortal sin of posting older news.

Get a life you clown, if you have read it already move the fugg on, asswipe.

I never read about it, Thanks for the thread SmokeG.
Don't sweat these Underground Nazi's

I agree with XChoke, this is news to me as well.

It was not the pet chimpanzee this guy and his wife had raised. If I remember correctly, it was a couple of juvenile males. And yes, they tore him apart.

chimpanzees are insanely strong. in fact, 5-7 times stronger than men

the man is big, but he's in his 60's.

this happened several months ago and the man has been released from the hospital after numerous surgeries. when the media did show his face, it still looked very bad.

MattM is correct. an average chimp is at least 5x stronger than an average man. even an elite heavyweight fighter would not stand a chance against a chimp, even if it's muzzled.

"Animals bite, people bite, Mike Tyson bites. So what?" he said.

This was a quote after his chimp bit off part of a woman's finger. which is why they had to "visit" their chimp.

I feel sorry for a man whose testicles and face were forcibly removed from his person(along with one foot) but ,damn dude, you reap what you sow. Mess around with wild animals and the wild will catch up with you eventually.

Everyone knows Sean Gannon is the only man who could beat a Chimp. 

Your odds would go way up if you had a good knife you could get to and knew how to use it.

Or a good pair of running shoes :D.

Humans have no chance against primates of any kind. They are pound for pound 10X stronger than we are. For example, these 100lb chimps have the strength of a 1000lb man. Good luck with that.