Bigger hype: Brock or Overeem?

They seem similar in which people say they're the #1 HW without proving it, because they WOULD destroy the other competition.

Key word: WOULD, meaning they actually haven't done it yet.
Remember when people said Brock would beat Fedor? LOFuckingL.

At least Fedor proved himself as the top HW at one point in his career.

Don't Brock and Overeem seem as the same situation?


yeah sure. brock and overeem are exactly the same. now stop posting.

lol- exactly - overeems 40 odd fights and 12 odd years fighting compared to to 5-2 Brock

People are pretty quick to piss on Brock after losing to Cain, wow. He is good, he lost to Mir but then he smashed Herring, Ko'd both Couture and Mir, and choked Carwin before losing to Cain.

Both were/are over rated, I think Overeem is more over rated though. If they were to fight, I would pick the Reem.

The Reem has been fighting for a long time. He has tons of fights. Brock had like 3 fights then he was champ. Not even close. Phone Post

Overeem is a warrior and always has been even if he lost, Brock is scared to get hit but his athleticism is exceptional for his size. Brock needs more opponents before he can be compared to Overeem. Phone Post

AbsW - lol- exactly - overeems 40 odd fights and 12 odd years fighting compared to to 5-2 Brock

Both Brock and Reem would beat Fedor.

^ I disagree 100% Phone Post

WALES1 - Both Brock and Reem could possibly beat Fedor. Maybe.


Brock would hold Fedor down and win by G&P - Fedor has been taken down by every wrestler he has faced.

Overeem would KO or TKO Fedor on the feet. Fedor won't be able to take the Reem down.

Replace would with could.....

WALES1 - Both Brock and Reem would beat Fedor.

 mmm No.

Maybe Reem... Definitely not Brock in this lifetime.

AbsW - lol- exactly - overeems 40 odd fights and 12 odd years fighting compared to to 5-2 Brock

Funny thing is that Brock still has more wins against top competition than Overeem.(And I think Brock is a horrible representative for MMA, I just think Overeem is worse)

Why not?

How is Fedor going to light him up on his feet when Brock has put him on his back?

I forgot Brock even won 5 fights... It's clearly Brock, alistair has took a beating (several) and came back to fight again.
Lesnar just takes one and goes into hibernation. I somewhat think if these two ever fought Brock would end up like aoki, getting caught with a knee coming in. Phone Post

You do know Fedor lost in June and is still taking a break....

Since then, Brock beat Carwin and lost to Cain.

Don't you think he earned a holiday?

AuzzieOsbourne - TS I still believe Brock can beat fedor.

Brock will DEFINITELY take down fedor if they ever fought. Did you see rogers on the ground with fedor? Whooo if that was brock gnping instead....

cain is the only guy who can beat brock at this point and I think Brock with the right gameplan n standup training can beat cain

I think he can take a lot of people down. But since the first mir fight, anytime he gets a takedown and lands in full guard he stands back up. I don't think he knows how to pass a full guard. He may get takedowns but I don't think he would win against a lot of these guys let alone Fedor.

I think brock had more hype. Websites ranking him number 1 for being 5-2 without beating the previous number 1 showed the strength of the Brock hype. I still like watching Lesner fight, although I think there are quite a few guys that would do a number on him at this point.

I would love to see brock fight overeem.

Overeem has already proven he's the best candidate for #1 HW.