Biggest meat rider fanbases in mma?

Which current fighter has the worst fans? Back in the day, the diaz fans and bj penn’s fans were bad. Who is a modern equivalent?

My recency bias says O’Malley, but my heart says Khabib


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Fedor fans will always be No. 1 for me personally. They have a million excuses for why their boy ducked the UFC and they lie about it and pretend like they don’t feel left out or cheated as a fan by missing out him in the ufc. He had 3 chances; when the UFC bought Pride, in 2009 when Brock was champ, and then when the UFC bought Strikeforce. We missed out on so many great fights there. But hey at least he got to beat Tim and Arlovski amirite

But for today the worst fans I see on twitter are easily Conor fans and SO’M fans. Also Francis fans have been pretty annoying lately. They won’t stop riding his meat ever since the boxing match got announced and they think it’s some person victory for themselves too which is weird. When I was a Conor fan I was pissed off about the Mayweather fight I was not happy about it at all like these weirdo Francis fans are


BAD Meaning Good and Loyal

I was a bj penn meat rider. We were loyal and delusional.

Gracie supporters are probably the most insufferable in the history of the sport.

BJ Penn

Borderline cults. I respect all of those fighters but their fan base has an excuse for every loss and bad performance. It was like they refused to give any fighter credit for beating them.

I remember the complete meltdown on this forum when GSP beat down BJ from top position.


Khabib is #1.

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The Diaz brothers are still actively competing and it’s absolutely them lol. Personally, I don’t know how the fuck Nick or Nate can even get any training done with millions of delusional grown men swinging from their mediocre nut sacs like Miley Cyrus on her wrecking ball :man_shrugging:t2:

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Conor and its not even close.

Remember the last time he won a fight?

me niether

Diaz robbed Robbie of a clean ko by quitting. It had to be more embarrassing for him though.

Robbie Lawler TKO Nick Diaz GIFS | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion

Till the death Georges!

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Extremely talented guys but their fanbases give Jonestown a run for it’s money.

The Pride Never Die guys are another bunch of weirdos. Forrest tapping Shogun had all of them foaming from their mouths in here too. That only came 2nd to Mir developing stand up and knocking dropping Nog 3x.

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Ha Ha Ha Lol GIF

When exactly was the gif taken and before what fight?

Idk which fight but that was after the Jason Miller Strikeforce brawl

Difference between BJ fans and Diaz fans is that BJ fans accepted his decline.

Peak BJ was one of the best all time, Tip toes BJ was a complete joke MMA wise.

I do still feel strongly that BJ got robbed in the FIRST edgar fight (although they say don’t leave a close fight in the hands of the judges). However he clearly lost the second Edgar fight.

Diaz Bros fans are delusional and claim that basically nobody can defeat a diaz brother because they clown around and put up middle fingers and shit and are difficult to finish.

Leon Edwards lost, Condit lost, Anderson Silva lost etc etc.

I even remember when Josh Thompson stopped Nate but of course Diaz fans claim that was an early stoppage.


Penn 100% won the first Edgar fight, Frankie was punching air and the judges were giving him credit for landing shots.



Yeah Frankie won that fight by making “woosh, woosh” breathing noises every time he punched LOL.

I always thought they should change his style to “shadowboxing” after that.

Conor’s fans who jump from fighter to fighter to bash the GOAT Khabib because he took their soul.

Lill bitch’s you backed the wrong horse and you know it, suck it up and be men for once in your stinking lives you filthy rodents.