Biggest Missed Opportunity in MMA

I agree. Nothing was ever really serious with it but when Joe said it on broadcast I thought that was like “the announcement”. But in hindsight I loved seeing those 2 clean out their divisions, I was just bummed when it never came to fruition towards the end of their careers.

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Or remember if Conor won he was going to go for 3 belts? A lot of people thought if Robbie Lawler stood eith him , Conor had a chance.

That would have been crazy if it happened. But it kind of made Madison Square Garden even more special when he won the 2 belts because Eddie Alvarez had just starched RDA.

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I also think that if RDA beat Conor, they would have had a rematch just like the Nate Diaz situation. The UFC knew Conor was a star, they wouldn’t have let him slide too quickly.

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Prime Fedor not fighting various guys in the UFC is the answer.


Anderson vs Jones and of course Ferguson vs Khabib

Gsp vs Anderson. Thx egg

Young Cung Le vs Prime Silva.

People forget this was a big big whiff back then.

Cung Le beat Frank and others fairly easily. By the time he got to the UFC he was too old and he had several injuries that plagued him.

People say Fedor and Randy or Fedor in the UFC way back but there really wasnt anyone to give him a fight. I find the idea that Randy at any stage hanging with Fedor in his prime to be absolutely laughable.

Vs Brock sure but that was way later.

GSP v Khabib would have been great for the fans. After GSP left Khabib looking like he was in a car wreck he would retire again tho and the UFC loses its undefeated billing for Khabib.

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Tyson vs Sapp

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Because most fighters are dumb. They don’t understand that they’re a product, and their job is to sell that product to the masses.

Fighters have this stupid ass idea that fighting is a “job” where you clock in and clock out. It’s not a job. It’s an advertisement. You have 2 or 3 times a year where the world has its eyes on you for 15 minutes. What are you going to do with it? Most of these meatheads squander the opportunity. They go out, win a couple rounds, get the post-fight interview and what comes out of their mouth? “I felt good, it was a good fight. I’d like to thank my coaches and my family for supporting me. Who do I want to fight next? Uhh, I don’t know, that’s up to my team and the UFC. I don’t really care, whoever they offer is fine.”

Cool. You know what you just did? Wasted everybody’s time. When have you ever in your life said to your friend at work “You gotta see this guy’s interview, you won’t believe it: He thanked his coaches and was ambivalent about his next opponent!!!”? There’s a reason Conor makes the money and these guys don’t.


This attitude is what is wrong with the sport today.

This guy right here gets it

Fedor Randy, imo

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Didnt he go on to get tooled but Alvarez?

No Way Eyes GIF by Maryland Terrapins

Hence a missed opportunity. He never got the red panty night.

Josh grispi

Went from title shot vs aldo to 4 straight losses

Had 4 1st round finishes prior to title shot. Aldo gets injured and pulls out of tittle fight. Grispi goes on to lose to Poirier(!) that night. Happened around the time ufc merged wec. Then he got arrested after losing streak.

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I remember that fight… Dustin really showed up armed for bear

I’ve never told a co worker to watch a interview. Fucken dork

Oh you should’ve seen this guys interview man, the guy talked.

Entire industries are built around people being talked into the building. The Rock is the biggest movie star on the planet. He didn’t become a big money draw by being a mute. You lack even a basic understanding of what gets the general public interested, it really explains a lot.