Bikram yoga

can anyone tell me a little more about bikram yoga.. i have been
thinking of taking up yoga to improve my flexibility and strength..

all i know about bikram yoga is that it is yoga in a heated room.. is
there more to it than that?

going Friday morning. Great for muscle and joint recovery. Make sure you are well rested and hydrated before you go the first time. Skip any stimulants (caffeine, etc..). Not that hard but the first time you'll get pretty warm. room is 104 degrees

I do Bikram yoga about once a week. It is a series of
postures (24 I think), each one is done twice. Some are
flexibility postures, like sitting on the ground with legs straight
and touching your toes. Some are isometric strength
postures, like holding a side lunge (TMA bow stance or yoga
Warrior pose) while bending over sideways. And some
postures are moving, like doing a slow squat while balancing
on the balls of the feet. You do the same series of postures
every class.

It gives you a peculiar kind of workout, and the heat makes it
very intense.

There are different styles of yoga, each with their own
characteristics. Take a couple of classes at different schools
and see what you like.

Oh, one thing about Bikram is that because of the hot room,
the girls don't wear much clothing. Not that that matters to

Hell, I'm still working on Eagle pose. I can't get my arms to cross and interlock.

I like hugging myself, LOL. Yeah, my main thing about Eagle is the damn size of my chest (44 inch suits, ya know?), so it's damn near physically impossible for me to even get my elbows into such position, unless I dislocate my shoulders.

I guess my biceps aren't that big, 'cause I can do Eagle pose.
But Toe Stand pose--no way.

I can do toe stand and eagle, but I'm about 150 pounds. Yoga gets the girls in the most compromising positions sometimes. Never thought about the room temperature to clothes relation that Bikram brings up.

"Never thought about the room temperature to clothes
relation that Bikram brings up."

Really? When I went to my first Bikram class I was amazed
that I was in a steamy room with 20 really sweaty chicks
wearing those tiny tight shorts and the smallest possible
sport bras. : )

I've never been to a bikram class. :)

Me neither, but this thread is making me want to start :)

this sounds pretty cool