Binge weakness? Chocolate Chip Cookies,Ice Cream

SO I have been eating fairly well for about 2 months now. I used to drink 6 to 10 sodas a day along with twinkies,crunch bars,devils food cakes,soft batch etc...but I cut out all that crap and felt so much better!

I have a serious addiction to homemade chocolate chip cookies though, and subway's chocolate chip cookies. It just started this past 2 weeks but this weekend I went fugging crazy on em. I couldnt stop eating them! I also stuffed my face with 5 orange creamsicle bars in a row!!! :)I feel guilty like i cheated or something. I guess I told myself just this week but it turned into 2 and thats it hahahaha. After seeing the results of not eating that crap it sucks to know I gave in, but I guess life is too short too miss out on cookies and ice cream sometimes! :)


Whats your guy's/gal's weakness when it comes to junk food??


beer. i dont eat junk food, but i drink beer.


Pizza or nachos. Since you said binge, i'll say beer too. I don't drink all that much but when i do, i don't fuck around.

Pizza and Ice Cream.

If it was possible, without dying, I'd eat that EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I love it!

I only have it once a month.

Cupcakes!!! Phone Post

Gotta echo the beer comments

XmmaAddictX - Cupcakes!!! Phone Post

Apple, maple bacon cupcakes in particular. I will have one or two after bjj competitions as my reward. Phone Post

Pancakes(corn cakes to be exact) soaked in pure maple syrup.

Cereal and ice cream!!! Phone Post

Beer, Tim's jalepeno chips and chocolate.

Pizza, Ice cream, Pepsi Max/Coke Zero.

I've been eating really clean for the last 16 months. No fast food, nothing fried, even gave up beer and wings. I just can't escape Peanut M&M's!!


Anything chocolate.

I really don't have any outside of apple cider.


I basically plan my diet around when I'm going to eat shitty food.

Cheesecake! I could eat a full 10 servings cake easily Phone Post

This thread is making me hungry. Phone Post

Pasta Phone Post

Pizza,it's got to be good pizza though.

Ice cream,I've cut waaaay back as it fucks me up,but I love a really good scoop once in a while.

Beer.Im surrounded by some of the best microbreweries on earth (NorCal) yet I've managed to cut back.

Training has helped me cut back a lot ,don't want to screw up my progress. Phone Post