Bisping Fake Eye


Mods delete thread just noticed tha other. 

MuayThaiorDie -

Mods delete thread just noticed tha other. 

...I don't care. What a fuckin' bad ass! Also the best MMA podcast at the moment!

thats crazy 

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I'm glad he finally got a shell. I figured it was a matter of time especially broadcasting. Goes to show also Mike was fighting 100% blind in one eye. What a nut lol


The fact that he fought without 100% vision and won a belt makes him a goat in my book.


Crazy to think how much Mike actually saw coming at him with one good eye that's some serious balls.

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Is that a glass eye??!? If so, how long has he had that?? 

Is this going to mess with Rockhold more? god damn





Bisping IS a fucking legend, wow.


Is this the result of the Vitor fight?

What caused this?
Damn.......that's crazy.

I had a friend in primary school with a fake eye, he used to freak the fuck out of people all the time by popping that bad boy out. 

Bisping should have licked it then jammed it right back in there.

So he fought with a glass eye?? How did that get past the commission ?? 

He fought and beat Rockhold, Hendo and Silva with one eye, the guy just stepping in with them killers is a madman

I got a new kind of respect for that man 


fucking gottdamn! holy shit. new massive level of respect for him. JFC.

cdale27 -

So he fought with a glass eye?? How did that get past the commission ?? 

He got that after he retired so it looks better on tv for his analyst work/movies etc. 

There is one thing nobody can deny about Bisping and that is that he has heart! A true heart of a warrior.