Bisping is tailor-made for five round fights

It recently occured to me that we haven't even seen a fraction of the best of Michael Bisping yet. The reason for this is that it's pretty much accepted that Bisping has some of the best cardio in the sport and usually has worn out his opponents by the end of the fifteen minutes without showing any signs of tiredness. The only time he has ever looked tired between rounds was for the Henderson fight, which further supports my suspicion that something was wrong that night.

But regardless, if Bisping can break opponents with only fifteen minutes to play with, imagine what he could do with five full rounds to drown them in his pace. We could see a whole new level of improvement with this tool available to him. I don't think there is anyone in the middleweight division who could keep up with him in the championship rounds. Even Anderson has shown signs of fatigue during the Maia and Sonnen fights. It would be even worse after catching a hiding from Bisping for the first three rounds and then having to struggle against a fighter who seemingly never gets tired.

Bisping just has to beat Akiyama, and then possibly another (although it would be justified to give him a title fight immediately IMO) and then we will see a whole new side to Bisping. There isn't a fighter on the planet better suited to five round fights, and we could see a prolonged reign at the top once this vital tool gets added to his arsenal.

requesting hendo ko'ing bisping to the moon gif. Thx in advance.


he couldnt get up after the third round w/ Wandy and was huffing after rd 2


 Because he doesn't have KO power?

Pretty much all he's tailor-made for

Edit: Though I kinda wanna see him beat Akiyama just to see the UG explode



Post dan hendersons reactionface after reading this thread. grab popcorn and sitback.

 He will never have a 5 round fight in the UFC.


RyannVonDoom -  wtf? he's correct. Leave the retard uktter alone. Bisping is someone who is the template for a 5 rounder fight. 
Don't you patronise me. I've heard you call into Junkie Radio, you're in no position to call anyone a retard. I'm not saying Bisping isn't a finisher at all, but at the highest level of MMA it's very difficult to put people away and that's why five rounds plays into his amazing cardio very nicely indeed. Infact I suspect for that reason he would have the highest finishing rate in the fourth and fifth rounds. 


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 he's right Bisping has great cardio.

 He does have amazing cardio. He out hustled Rashad.

GodSaveTheQueen - Totally agree EB. No one could outlast Bisping, not even a roids cheat like Chael Sonnen. If Bisping can get hold of the belt he will keep it for a long time.

Also, something else that I found interesting about this thread is that it has a very high Hater Index score - 0.64 to be exact (that can be worked out by dividing the number of hater posts by the total number of posts in a thread).This leads me to believe that the OP is extremely correct because, as we all know, when it comes to Bisping threads, the more correct the OP, the more extreme the reaction on the part of the hater community.

Thanks mate, my thoughts exactly. That is a very high Hater Index score indeed, but you know what they say... the truth hurts.


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