Bisping or Pierra, worse champ?

also while i’m ripping on bisping: the hendo fight. this is AFTER being gifted the anderson decision, the UFC lines up a fight with a 46 year old dan henderson, AND HE LOST (and I don’t think i’m in the minority on that one). 2 of his 3 biggest career wins were fights he actually lost to 40+ year old men.

that said, i think he’s great. he was absolutely insufferable as a youngster, specifically his time on TUF. i think he matured well and is an excellent and fun commentator.

No. But that’s not what happened. Mike won on the cards. I’ve never heard of anyone who alleged that Bisbing purposely spit his mouthpiece out. If a mouthpiece falls out during an exchange it’s normal to let the fighters finish that engagement. When there is a break in action that’s the refs chance to put it back in. Which he refused to do. Leading to the entire controversy. Then Herb looked like he didn’t know what to do momentarily after the bell. Either way, Mike came back in the 3rd and secured the victory. Anderson was too old at that point.


You think Mike should have never fought Luke. Dan should have never fought Mike for the title. It was another brutal fight. Dan could still knock anyone out right now. There’s no shame in taking a beating from that man. Mike should get respect for taking these crazy beat downs and was still right there banging. The man had no quit in him and fought through it all with one eye.

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I’m not a Bisping fan but I find it very telling how once USADA emerged on the scene he was way more competitive with the big names.


are you asking or characterizing my comment? my position was the fight should have been stopped because of the TKO, and if it wasn’t, the judges should have awarded the contest to silva. none of the judges gave the third round to silva as a 10-8, which it should have been. that’s my opinion. it follows naturally that if he lost the fight to anderson, he should not have been given the opportunity to fight luke for the belt. i don’t think that’s a controversial hypothetical. what’s controversial is that i think silva won, and i get that you don’t and that’s coolio.

i agree dan shouldn’t have been given the mike fight. but he was, and he won (in my humble opinion), and i was using that as an example of how not 1 but 2 of his biggest wins came against decrepit old men.

the fact that that boss fought in the ufc at all, let alone won a championship with one eye is fucking amazing and inspiring.

and before you get all hot and bothered about my math, i understand that a 10-8 round to silva with everything else the same would have resulted in a draw. i’m just making stuff up and arguing because that’s what the internet is for.

And guy like Cro Cop did really shitty

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with this post but gave you a vote up for properly using the phrase “deepens my contempt”


Bisping gets criticized a lot for that fight but it takes a lot to go in there against a guy who brutally KO’d you, and basically made you the laughing stock of the MMA community for months. Especially considering it’s a title fight, the stakes are higher, and even more eyes are on you than the first time you fought the guy. Regardless of his age.

As you said, nothing but respect to Hendo - he could probably walk into the octagon right now and knock out a top 5 middleweight or light heavyweight. That’s what makes him special.

Bisping walked through the fire and instead of quitting or trying to coast to a win - he willingly engaged Dan and won many exchanges. I don’t think Bisping gets enough credit for what he did in that fight, and I think it’s a good metaphor for his career as a whole.

He was almost always second best, and even when he did the unthinkable or unimaginable, there were always people who discredited him and acted as if he did nothing impressive. Bisping rose above this narrative, not only becoming the champion, but doing so on short notice against a guy who basically sonned him in the first fight. Then he knocks him out.

Even if you dislike Bisping or call him a short lived champion (which he was), you have to respect what he accomplished in the sport. He could have retired years ago or settled for second best but he never did. He kept training like a madman, knew his chance would come, and when it did, he took full advantage.

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I’m not calling any of the 3 you mentioned the worst middleweight. Not even worst middleweight champ. I’m not saying who I do think is the worst either. All those dude don’t deserve to have the word “worst” next to their name unless it’s worst chance you have of beating them up.


Yeah it’s a retarded thread. Spurred some interesting debates but I refuse to engage in the “worst champion” talks. Grow up OP.

I imagine they’d all be like “you can call me what you want as long as you say champion at the end.” Which leads to “faggot champion” which leads to you getting beat down.

He was KO’d. He was KO’d more than Stylebender was.

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This thread sucks


“Don’t take me too seriously, I’m just a toxic woman”

Pre USADA Pigg Rigg was a killer…one of my favorites

Both were/are good champs

Bisping by far. Luke was tearing shit up before he got chinny. Bisping was never top of the food chain and an unbelievable set of circumstances had to occur to lead him to the belt, let alone keep it.

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His Dana White privilege got him those opportunities