Bisping = UFC HOFer

In all seriousness the guy deserves it. He's got the most wins in UFC history and is the middleweight champ. Even if you question his wins/losses, he's only lost to the best/legends. Phone Post 3.0

never lost two in a row.....TUF winner...belt holder....19 wins and counting....yep he deserves it

He paved the way for European fighters in general Phone Post 3.0

100%. The only question mark against him was never fighting for the title - now he holds the title, so job done! Phone Post 3.0

Absolutely. He's as sure in as all the other special snowflakes. Phone Post 3.0

Without question Phone Post 3.0

Without a doubt a HOFer. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone who thinks he doesn't deserve it is insane


He's a huge part of UFC history. Phone Post 3.0

he was even before he won the belt

100% a HOF'er i loved his season of tuf also Phone Post 3.0

I admi it, i doubted the man.

He has done everything required to earn hof status.

All he has to do is not pull off a frank shamrock and piss off BLAF. Phone Post 3.0

That should've been Josh Haynes career...
That son of a bitch... Phone Post 3.0

Absolute no brainer. 

No question Phone Post 3.0

Singlehanded my responsible for European MMAs early growth, champion, TUF winner, potential to have the most wins of all time in the UFC. The guys first ballot. HOFer. Phone Post 3.0

Despite what some haters will say, he was a UFC HOF'er even before beating Rockhold. Phone Post 3.0

Of course. Phone Post 3.0

the belt sealed it

Well deserved. He's had a great career. So happy to see him win that belt. Phone Post 3.0