I live and train in Hilo and i believe that BJ made the best decision for his career! BJ doesn't have to prove anything to anybody cause he already did. Everybody's whining about giving Hughes another shot shit he still has to get past Roots (Charuto). Give BJ the money that he wants.BJ accepted the chalenge that UFC threw at him. DANA needs to step up like a REAL man and accept the fact that he messed up by first underestimating BJ in the first Place!!!! GO BJ!!!! Will be cheering for you and Rudy!! MR

I don't think dana underestimated him. I think he should have rematched hughes but he didn't burn the bridge dana white did by taking his belt.

I thought Penn said he would fight for the UFC for the money he was getting , and also wanted to take the fight with K-1, I really don't see how this hurts UFC. They are fucking stupid for stripping him. He has said that he still wants to fight in UFC.

Hopefully everything works out for BJ, maybe ROTR can set up the rematch w/ Pulver.

"He has said that he still wants to fight in UFC."

When? He's already missing 48 and 49. He didn't fight at 47. Exactly how often does he intend to defend his title? (assuming he doesn't lose a fight outside UFC and make his title meaningless)

UFC? Pulver? Barnett? Busta? Now BJ?

stripped? what goes on hyah?

How is that a fluke? How many people have you seen pass Matt's guard? Hmm *thinks* ONLY BJ PULLED IT OFF oh yes big fluke BS he won that fair and square get over it. If he beats Bang it will show he is better then Pulver his only LOSS.

GimpyGorilla, your a moron...

BJ is the best thing to ever happen to Zuffa in a long time...

all there heavyweights have been disapointments and Couture lost by a "FLUKE", crappy decision loss.

What has BJ done but step up every time and in most cases, has won and won BIG!

In only 9 fights he has accomplished more than most fighters do in 20 fights!

BJ did nothing to deserve being stripped and he never refused to defend his title in the UFC.

Dana is an idiot for doing this and it will backfire on him just watch!

toy89 is absolutely right...

Penn made the right move and i hope nothing but good comes his way from now on.

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That's it! I've had it with Dana White.
There is only ONE CHAMPION right now in the UFC and he is a lucky one at that.

The UFC has become a joke...and i am telling Dana White right now that i am never going to pay for anything that has to do with it again.

I respect the Fertitta's and what they've done for the sport of MMA in America but i'm sorry, Dana White is just running the UFC into the ground.

There is absolutely no reason for stripping BJ Penn of his title.

He's been one of the best diplomats for them of all their fighters. He's a great example for young people and for new fans alike.

He's proven himself and has never refused a fight or given up on anything.

Who the hell cares if he fights in Japan!? How is that gonna hurt the UFC!?

Your an ass and i for one am sick of your crap.

When you showed your true colors after Lidell lost in the PRIDE GP i knew you were a man not to be respected OR, trusted!

I know i'm gonna get a lot of flak for this but i just had to speak my mind.

Dana White is ruining the UFC.

what in the hell harm is it gonna do if Penn fights in Japan? So what if he loses(fat chance), the event isnt even televised and the majority of the UFC audience isnt even hard copre fans like us.

Dana White is making ANOTHER bad move, IMO.

iwantmynhb has the correct...

"This is a road block to main stream acceptance."

we're trying to get the sport mainstream and here Dana White is acting like they're already the most recognized sport in the planet...gimme a break!

The mainstream sports world is laughing their asses off at us right now and we have Dana White to thank for it!

You say Penn knew the rules when he went to K-1?...

...maybe so but the rule sucks and is unfair...if they paid their champions decent paychecks then i could see it but...

It's like giving a child a brussel sprout for dessert and then setting a box of chocolate ice cream in front of him, leaving the room and telling him not to eat anything but the brussel sprout or he will go to bed without any TV...

i'd say, "Screw the TV! I'm havin ice cream!"

seriously though, their rule is retarded...let's get the sport mainstream FIRST, then, after they can pay their champs what their worth, they can get strict on their asses.

Get a clue Dana/Zuffa!?!

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BJ "The Prodigy" Penn Fan Club!

but he wasnt leaving the UFC...he said that he still wants to defend his UFC title...

it's Dana White and his stupid rule that's preventing our sport from advancing and becoming respected by the mainstream

mind you, Barnett and Silvia screwed up but, the way Dana has been treating Lindland...neglecting worthy fighters like Horn and many others has only hurt the sport and shown the way they dis their fighters and champions...then they treat asses like Baroni like a friggin king!

*excitedly notices new "toy" in toybox for first time*

I MUST HAVE MISSED BJ GETTING KNOCKED OUT BY PULVER, or was it a decision, too many tits on the UG that dont know as much as they think they do

BJ did the right thing by offering to voluntarily give up his title so that he could continue to challenge himself by wanting to face the best fighters out there, and saying he wanted to do so while representing the UFC abroad...

Zuffa imo... didn't do the right thing in coming out and publicly saying they wouldn't have him back again at all...

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