BJJ and Covid-19

For those of who who are back to studying BJJ/MMA, did you take the vaccine before you went back to training? Do you have to wear a mask? Are the gyms in your neighborhood still closed or did they open up? Do they have a vaccine and/or face mask policy?

We never stopped training . We just went real low key about it . But no , my coach does not require and mask or vac


But did you get vaxxed during the time you were training? Also, do you think it was reckless for the coach to allow training during a pandemic?

Trained with 2 close friends during 2020 but went back as soon as the school opened back up and before getting vaccinated. If I don’t get COVID from BJJ I’ll get it from somewhere so I might as well train


I still haven’t been vaxed . I’m not against other people getting it , I just won’t get it myself . I wouldn’t consider it reckless . People had the choice to train or not . He spilt us into two session and we used the same partners every time


Do you train with masks on?

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Going back to grappling class next Wed, after doing fucking taxes. Look forward to being embarrassed and finding new ways of tapping.

I’m thinking of going back too, but I don’t want to get sick. I want to buy DVDs and a grappling dummy for solo training. I don’t know anymore.

Nah. The mask would get all sweaty, probably making it worse

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Aren’t you vaccinated? If not, and want to train, then why not get it? If you ARE, why worry about getting it?

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Started up in March with the blinds drawn. I’d say about half the guys are vaccinated. The rest of us aren’t. No issues.

Even the kids classes opened up in March.

I can think of maybe two guys who try to roll with paper masks, but it’s silly. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to roll without one, whether vaccinated or not, don’t roll.

But, I do know of two guys who rented a storage unit, borrowed some mats, and trained everyday for two hours in the unit, never missing a session throughout the entire pandemic.

Yes, we all agree to use finger quotes when talking about their private “training” sessions.

If you are rolling with someone, something tells me that mask serves no purpose


Yeah the mask seems incredibly pointless here. This was brought up in the BJJGround a year ago, but with rolling, you’re about as squished up against the other person, short of having sex with them.

A mask (even if it would stay on properly), isn’t likely to do a whole lot.

Never stopped training with friends in the garage. Don’t be a pussy. If you are worrying about catching Covid while grappling you should stay home.


I’m in that group of people that is high risk and better off being vaccinated, so I did and went back to training. The year and a half off made my bjj suck and the lack of physical activity actually made my illness worse. So now that i have the vaccine, i’m better off risking covid and training.

I figure we’re all going to get the virus anyway at some point.

Only took a few weeks off here and there (mostly due to a broken hand) but have been training all along.

Everyone has been vaccinated, so even the people who initially chose not to train are back now.

I think masks are pretty much useless (save for actually fully sealed gas masks that no one uses), and way more so in that environment.

Because reasons.

IMO, if you’re worried about getting sick, then BJJ isn’t for you. You have to accept a certain amount of risk and decide if it’s worth it.

It’s pretty much going to be like that for everything nowadays.


Are you high risk? Pre existing conditions or overweight?

If so I’d get vaxxed. And then move on with your life.

If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. Covid isn’t going anywhere it looks like. Time for everyone to move on. The vaccine is there for anyone who wants to get it.

What else can you do? Live your life in a bubble? Time to move on with life now that a vaccine is available for those who want it.


I’m not trying to be a dick, but do you see where your mind is at?. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I believe you’re vaccinated. If you aren’t, I wouldn’t think you’d be worried about rolling as those who aren’t vaccinated likely wouldn’t be very concerned about covid.
You’re probably a young-ish, healthy-ish guy. Low risk for covid. You got vaccinated. Way less risk of transmission now and less likely to even feel symptoms. You’re STILL afraid. Do you have a lot of people you know who have died or been fucked up from covid that is leading you to be so afraid? I don’t understand.
There’s a way higher chance of you getting seriously injured in BJJ class or driving to and from. This fear is not healthy or necessary.