BJJ Endurance Drills??????????

I was wondering if anyone out there can suggest any good grappling drills you can do alone that will help your cardio? Thanks.


Buy Vitor Belforts cardio training tape for BJJ and Tony Cecchine's Catch Wrestling Lucky 13 cardio/plyometrics tape. They will kick your ass into shape!!!

The best endurance excersize that I can reccommend for grappling is swimming. If you can get in the pool for 45-60 minutes for 4-5 days a week, your grappling endurance will increase a lot.

To get a better understanding of 'cardio', regardless of which drills or exercises you actually end up doing, I suggest you look at my "Cardio for Martial Arts" article at



Good article. I disagree with you statement concerning Periodization.

One of the most unfortunate things about Periodization is the misconception that is it a method of developing only strength.

Periodization can be used to develop any trainable aspect of an individual. One can actually create a Periodize program that centers around muscular endurance. Peaking or maximal strength development doesn't have to be the focal point of a Periodized program.

According to Dr. Yessis as well as Tudor Bompa Eastern European and Russian have created a myriad of Periodization training models, probably as many as their are athletes in Eastern Europe and

The sad thing is in the West (including America) everyone seems to think the Russian and Eastern European used only one Periodization model, which is based one Russia coach. This one model is the same model Westerners seem to use today. There seems to be no consideration of other models that were used.


Look for anything by Scrapper, Taku, or the like...

Seriously... Just grapple more.. Do man in the middle drills... 1-3 minutes rounds, and you have to fight everyone, no rest in the middle, and if there's a tapout, get back to you feet and start again until the time is done.

man in the middle sounds good if only one person is trying to get in shape.

Train more and harder. Its not the normal wrestling that gets you out of shape it is the scrambles and when you are moving around crazy. So I think maybe if during some sparring matches you dont really worry about technique and just try to keep moving fast and not stopping.

wrestling matches. no bjj or submissions, or grappling other than wrestling. i mean, five 3 minute rounds w/ 1 minute rest in between. go all out and wrestle. to keep it fast just go for takedown. Have the training partner go 60% and you do takedowns. then w/ every round, they give more and more resistance until you get to someone defending 100%. you will bust you fucking ass and cry. Guarantee you can't do more than 10 rounds of this.

Do each exercises for one minute. You have 10 exercise so one round is ten minutes (like a Submission Wrestling fight). I go for three rounds and it is really intense:

Jumping Jacks
Hindu Squats
Hindu Push Ups
Neck Nods
Mountain Climbers
stability ball shoulder bridge (hip up)
Hindu Squats
Hindu Push Ups

Take care

m.g. - What I was discussing in that article was weighttraining periodization specifically. Of course it is applicable to other trainable attributes (as you point out). My reasoning of bringing up strength-training periodization specifically is because that is the context that most people have heard about periodization.

If you check out my articles called "Perfect Peaking", especially part 2, you will see that I am a big believer in periodization of training. In essence even tapering one's training before competition is part of a periodization model.

Stephan Kesting

shamrock routine is good for muscle endurance.

What's shamrock's routine?

Man in the middle is good for working on your mental game too.


whats man in the middle?


Man in the middle works like this.

Grapplers: 1 2 3 4

1 wrestles 2, then 3 then 4...


2 takes the center and wrestles 3, then 4 then 1...


3 takes the center, wrestles 4, then 1, then 2...

and so on, just add more people..

Generally, we work 1-3 minutes of time for each person, if you're working it for a drill for anything but endurance: Taps end the round.

But for endurance, taps just restart things standing, and there is no break for the man in the middle, as soon as time runs out, the next gets in there.

1.Roll 2.Roll 3. Roll ,then repeat 1 indefinitely!