BJJ in Connecticut

Anyone interested in learning Bjj in ct im teaching in North Haven im a Purple Belt under Renzo Gracie with alot of experince in competitions my email is and phone# is (203)668-6110

33 Bernard Rd,
North Haven Ct 06473

Bernhard Rd is on the
(New Haven - North Haven Town line right off Middletown ave)exit 8 off 91

Team Renzo Gracie



Whats up joe

Andy what's going on? Good to see you have something going in New Haven, drop me an email at ....Joe

Thanks its going pretty good alot of guys coming down and joining.
I will definitly give you an email im looking to fight in feb or march at 165lbs so keep me in mind i think lynn spoke to you or kipp already but im not sure so i will be in contact.

Andrew-Team Renzo Gracie

Can you please post rates, and where in New Haven you will be teaching. I have never trained in bjj at all, so Im wondering if your courses will be too advanced. Thanks in advance.

Sounds good! Look forward to hearing from you...Joe

Whats up lvstorm if you have some questions give me a call my cell phone # is (203)668-6110 and i will give you the rates and address.I have both beginners and advanced guys so you would fit right in, hope to hear from you.We do mostly no gi classes.

Andrew-Team Renzo Gracie

Here is the address for anyone interested in training bjj in new haven.

33 Bernhard Rd
North Haven Ct, 06473
classes are mon-wednes-fri from 7:00-9:00pm
sat-sun from 11:00-1:00am starting in january

(saturday is the only gi class)

Andrew-Team Renzo Gracie

Cool I need extra work myself. I don't go to a strictly BJJ school now, but my grappling needs work. Are there only certain days a week??

Give me a call on my cell illbri if you want to come down and check us out.

Andrew-Team Renzo Gracie

will this be a renzo affiliate school?


I belong to a Judo club in Bridgeport. I'd like to get some groundwork in on a Saturday once in a while. Do you think we could work out a deal on a mat fee? I can't really commit to regular saturday workouts... I'd like to drop in once in a while.

I think I might have already heard about your school. Do you know a really good blue belt named Luis Figuroa (sp?)? He used to be a regular at our Judo club... He's more intersted in BJJ these days.

Also, I tried to mapqust the address you gave above. Where exactly is Bernhard Rd in New Haven? How do you get there?


ACalandrelli- THANKYOU I used to go to Hartford under Hughes, got blue, then could no longer go due to work issues. I tried to attend Derby's bjj school but life and job ( son was just born )

Do you have a website? Are you open now, if so I'll try to stop there tomarrow( friday )



1st question to kneebar is yes this will be a renzo affiliate school.

Connjudo ya i do know lou he has been training down here for a while now, if you want to come down give me a call and we could definitly do a mat fee my cell is (203)668-6110.

mfah give me a call also because of the holiday the schedule is a little different until jan there is no fri or sat class for this week and next, the next class is sunday from 11:00 to 1:00.

epstein im not too far from westport maybe 30 min or so i have a few guys coming from that way so have him give me a call.

Thanks Guys
Andrew-Team Renzo Gracie cell(203)668-6110

Andrew. Are you sure about the spelling about your address (above). I put it into mapquest and it doesn't register as a name. i just wanted a general idea of how far away your place is. thanks.

TTT for my boy Andrew

Andrews a great teacher, and it's a great place to train, no ego's at all everyone just wants to get better. My sub grappling has improved tremendously in the short time that I've been with Andrew.

I believe that a Vale Tudo and 2 wrestling classes will be added per week to the already existing schedule.