BJJ is better than Judo....

Shogun Rua, a BJJ blackbelt took down a nationally ranked Judo competitor (Nakamura) MULTIPLE times at will and completely dominated him on the ground too. More proof that BJJ is better than Judo.

sets bait, wait for arguments pertaining to Fedor's Judo, BJJ=Judo and KKM status

Y dont you go dojo storming then?



falls into trap

Hi KKM! Did you know that BJJ is Judo?

laughs deeply, rubs hands together, and ensnares his victims


Was that troll reading stock quotes? They may be alot more socially, and financially advanced then I have been led to believe.

Boy! That John Preston really knows his Judo eh? That is exactly how our Japanese instructor explains katame-no-kata. Almost word for word. Thats probably why it is an adult kata; too explicit for children.

You should hear him teach goshin jitsu kata. Peeeeuuuw! Talk about filthy. F this, and S%ck that.


Waits eagerly for Allcloser's reply

Yog Sothoth pwns Flying Spaghetti Monster~!

I can't believe you actually said that, Yog was my second choice for screen name!

awakens Yog, unleaseshes mayhem on Judo Blackbelts who are really white belt in BJJ

ashy....perhaps...but nobody listens to me...and yes i am as dumb as a box of rocks...but thanx for your biz troll....jt

Damn it John! He got you too. He's picking us off, one by one. Let's keep our heads down, and call for air support. LOL

"ok" he says gingerly, as if trying to diffuse a bomb.
"Lets all s-l-o-w-l-y back away from the thread."

Hey John,
Unless your I.Q. is that of a potato, you would have noticed that my post was a 'joke'/intentional/troll post, done in the spirit of stereotypical prior obvious trolling, but more out of boredom and the fact that I had just watched a recorded version of Pride prior to posting.

All of the above replies seem to be in the spirit of humor and obvious trolling, done in the spirit of fun.

As far as my training, I am ranked in both Judo and BJJ, so obviously I enjoy both.

What is really sad is that I actually have supported you by purchasing a DVD from your site in the past.

But hey, I am a pretty positive person and don't hold grudges.

P.S. Ashy, quit stalking me, I won't have your love-child!


Punk Dobbs is not gonna like you making fun of potatoes. I can assure you of that. lol

Where are YOU from? Just generally. Nod, if you are from Ont.

actually waits for nod

P.S. Ashy, quit stalking me, I won't have your love-child!

Well...somebody has to have it.

nods affectionately

ashy... ill ask my ex-gf if she is willing to have your love child. she was
willing to have mine so her standards are not that high. =)

This woman you speak of...(she is a women right?) sounds like the total package.

Actually Josh, since you are prying into my personal life anyway (LOL), I have recently made the aquaintance of a rather gorgeous, and shapely Sabra, named Shimret, of Tel Aviv.



then mazeltov to you.