BJJ / Judo Differences!!

as all of you know i am more of a sociologue so i am not goint to speak about the differences of technique (everybody know them ) but about the difference of population that practise this sport (Judo ) and Martial arts (BJJ).

So i am going give exemple in France.

It is very clear that in France Judo is practised by a majority of dorks. what i mean by dorks is the kind of stupid guy in his 20 but still living with his parents, with harry potters glasses (and always afraid to break them) who never go out, who always have to ask his mother if he can take a shiet.
When you go in a Judo class, in France the majority of the people are white, laughing about farts speaking about politics and eminem (because they think by doing that they look cool)and being the total dorks they are.
after a secion of judo in France people are not even exhausted. People go to Judo practise and it seems that they do not even enjoy being there bowing and smelling the ass of their teacher like puffet.
People practising judo most of the time does not know how to dance and walk in a typical robot fashion like all their muscle are tense 100% of the time.

When you go in a BJJ class, you see a bunch of studs with a kind of bad boys and cools attitudes but without being bad guys.
most of the time you see a lot of minority (white but also black and arabic) trying to have fun together and enjoying the sports and life. they practise the sport because they like it and not because theirs parents put them in it when they were 8 and they do not know anything else to do of their evenings.
Most of the time BJJ people move in a cool fashion know how to dance, have beautiful girlfriend, are the guy that everyone want arround.

The hero of Judo guy is a big fat guy that can not problably take a shiet without leaving half of it stick between his legs (david Douillet) and that repeated numerous time that he found MMA barbaric (Xhat a fucking pussy) while hero of BJJ guys is Rickson Gracie, a brasilian solid knowing how to fight (even if now beig more than 40 we understand that he has other procupation).

Keep in mind that i am generalisating and that i am speaking about France.

To summarize, the population that come in Bjj is the same that go to Muy Thaï and the one going to judo is the same that go to Tae Kwon Do.

Is it the same in the USA?


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this thread is is true that i am generalisating but when i go in a judo class i feel really like the description i have given.

does that mean that in the USA the cool guys practise Judo?

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this is a great piece of work, this and the review of ricco's book are great threads.

jujubre is correct even though i dont have time to read his post;)

Jujubre is incorrect...

Airspeed is correct!! I think that the BJJ people on here that think that BJJ is so much better than any other MA, should remember that BJJ is a sport just like Judo. Some of the BJJ schools you see, train no gi and MMA but, alot of BJJ schools just train sport BJJ but they still make a trasition to MMA pretty smooth. Judo is the same way, It's a sport that can be modified to use in combat. Neither style is better than the other.

Pay no attention guys he's French, but then again most of ya'll are yanks :P

Grasshopper: Or the ton of schools who never train standing and always start on their knees...

french girls rock though

I've been to France and jujubre's generalizations are pretty acurate.

However, he forgot to mention that 80% of French men are queer, and the other 20% are bi-sexual.

That is a scientific fact.

LOL at Rugby!

Also, France produces GREAT judokas... gay, but still better than the US.

Just because someone is gay doesn't mean that they can't be a badass. Just look at jujubre.

jujubre is a Frenchman and is correct.

"When you go in a BJJ class, you see a bunch of studs with a kind of bad boys and cools attitudes"

This is the faggiest thread ever... were you taking it up the ass while writing this troll thread?

"When you go in a BJJ class, you see a bunch of studs with a kind of bad boys and cools attitudes"

- Really? I saw a pic of Highmount and he didnt really look all that cool.

And btw dont hate because a country becuz they didnt go to war for one countries self-interested reasons.

I take pride in being a dork. Anything to be the opposite of conformists.

That makes a conformist as well. Better to be less cool.

hei judodorks, do not hate me because i am telling the thruth and because your mother do not want to let you go out at night...