BJJ Training Etiquette Question

Because of the small turnouts, day classes at my school have been cancelled. I work in Brooklyn and stopped by a nearby school and asked if they had an individual class or mat fee, to which I was told no, because they didn't want to look like they were "stealing" students. I am loyal to my professor, but would like to roll more often and with new partners. Is it wrong to approach other schools for single classes or open mat?


My trainer is great, because we are encouraged to visit other schools, because improving is our top goal. Now its not a traditional BJJ place, but it shouldnt really make a difference. Best thing is to ask your instructor, and if he has no problem with it, let the other place know that your instructor is cool with it, and I would think it would be okay.

That's an opinion I respect, thanks Joe.

no because

A) this is america. you can do what you want.

B) your school cannot provide the services you originally signed up for.

C) you're not signing up at the new gym, you're just stopping by to roll. you're not accepting rank or taking any real classes.


"I was told no, because they didn't want to look like they were "stealing" students."

WOW ... though i've never heard that as a reason, its not hard for me to believe. hopefully that kind of attitude is on its way out and the one thats more prevalant in less traditional places (where the individual, performance, and having fun, is more important than a psuedo-heirarchy) will become common-place.

from my expierence i can tell you that having a mat/day fee helps cuz there are a lot of people who can't committ to something on a consistent basis because of professional or personal obligations.

No, you're not abandoning your school - you are just trying to improve your game and bring new things to the mat. This will help your old school improve as well.


on the west coast is no big many schools and so many people trying to get into the big show. When BJJ first came to the west coast it used to be like that in the real beginning. I used to live and I am born and raised in NYC. I think since there are not many schools and the fact that most schools are under Renzo they still have that mentality. Now if you train with one of Renzo's people, you would have no trouble going to different Renzo affiliates. If you need bodies... try the local colleges that have wrestling mats. you will find alot of skilled people that train consistantly but don't want to pay the rediculous NY BJJ fees. Alot of these guys are pretty good. I expect the price of BJJ to go down in NYC if more schools w/ different affiliates open. BJJ used to be an arm and a leg in Cali too. Now you can find it in some places for a s low as $90 a month. Good luck

What's funny is the school I approached was run by a Renzo BB, and I train w/ a Gracie Barra BB who gave him privates as a purple...
All part of Renzo's team....

That's what made me post this question.... I am reluctant to ask my professor his opinion, don't want him to take any offense, just need more bodies to roll w/...


Open mats are awesome. You get to roll with new people in a casual environment without the stress or fees of a tournament.

Why not get together with some of the day students and see if your instructor will give one of you guys a key so you all day timers can get together. Or what I did, buy some mats and invite people over during your lunch break.

Some instructors may think your there to challenge them.  They don't want to risk letting an unkown person tapping one of their higher ranking members or themselves.

If you plan on doing it, you should just talk it over your with your instructor before you do it. Just explain to him you want more mat time and that you're planning on training at the other place when your acadmey doesn't have class. I don't think there is much they can say because you're not going during the classtimes offered at your academy.

places with no drop in rate = shit.

Loyalty and allegiance make no sense unless you are getting your training for free or they are paying you. Can you imagine any other service in America which demands loyalty like martial arts schools do even though you are paying?

Although drop-in rates are usually very expensive

Hmmm, the way I look at this is that the 2nd school actually has some ethics, either that or they dont want to be thought of as student thieves. Maybe you should get your 1st instructor to call the other place so they know that its all good.