Blood Pressure?

What is the purpose of measuring blood pressure and what do the numbers given as a result of the test stand for/indicate? I ask as my aunt has an automated machine at her house for measuring blood pressure (she has a blood condition) which i used today to get mine.

Apparently i have a BP of 136 over 79, with a resting heartrate of 81. What does this mean in simplistic terms? Generally im not a slob but not in great athletic condition either, is this reflected in these stats?


HULC I would not worry until you go to the doctor and let him check your blood pressure.These home machines are a piece of last check there are only two on the market that are reliable. 136/79 ain't too bad if that what your bp really is ...the top number should come down.. a great bp would be 120/70.I know alittle about blood pressue mine was 149/92 Dec of 2001 I got mine down to 130/72 by exercise and eating right and some tricks I learn on the internet... no medication yet

What tricks? Just curious, not critical.

Hmm... your resting heart rate seems a tad high to me. Of course, it's difficult to say for sure since caffiene or anything really could throw it off. Having just worked out would as well.

Tough to say. More careful conditions are needed for a real reading, but as said, your BP (according to those numbers) looks alright and your RHR seems a little high. The high RHR would indicate a generally unconditioned heart. This doesnt mean you're going to die, it just means:

1. You dont do much exercise that taxes the heart

2. For some reason your heart was beating faster when you took your BP.

That said, i'm no expert on this topic for sure. The first number is called your systolic bp, the second is your diastolic (i didnt even check my spelling on those, so be warned). It has to do with your initial heart beat, and then... the return beat (?). Check around on google, and i'm sure you can find out better info.