When using just height and weight to calculate this, how accurate is it? Mine says that I'm overweight with a 25.6 BMI. I work out regularly and look kind of skinny in my clothes, what's the deal?

Bodyfat % is a better gauge for testing athletes. Don't worry about your BMI.

You could grow a couple inches, then you'd have a lower BMI.

i find bmi very stupid since it doesn't consider bodyfat %

BMI is good for the average person, but athletes need to consider their bodyfat level if they are overweight per the BMI.

oh and todd is correct

BMI is useless for us.

Isn't the BMI chart based on the statistics of reported illness or deaths or something like that?

And yes it's useless... I'm apparently morbidly obese

For a vast majority of the population BMI is an accurate measure of obesity. As stated before, for athletes, it's inaccurate.

lol I too am morbidly obese. A wellness-fitness initiative program my department is doing referred me to a peer fitness trainer. The guy is a friend, but according to his ACE-certs training I would have to follow the govn't recommended diet of hi carb, lo fat, lo protein/meat diet and increased sessions of long distance running with circuit training using a number of isolation exercises.

I don't have a great attitude- so I told him to kiss my ass with that BMI crap and told him what I needed to do to drop down to a good competition weight of 205. Then I started CrossFit. I'll be 205 soon, but according to BMI I will still be obese or overweight. Losing situation that crap. Pissed me off when my insurance company raised my rates because of my BMI. The bloodwork they took as excellent even my vitals, but the BMI was the bomb-dropper.

I am just happy it was the ACE-certs talking and not common sense. I would have knocked some into my friend after choking him out. No offense but ACE-certs hasn't had a good record either.

Haha, I remember vividly being told that I was borderline obese (BMI 29.6)at my discharge medical in the Army.

At the time I was working out 3 times a day, running, bike riding and lifting. Probably about 10% bodyfat.

The funniest thing was that the Doctor who told me I should lose some weight was carrying a pretty sizeable beer gut.

BMI sucks for athletes, end of story

I just got done reading the Navy SEAL Workout Manual for a change of pace and they interviewed all SEALs and found their BMI average was between 22 and 27. I guess they obese also.

Hmmm...this makes me think of a good apparel slogan, unless there's one already made.

"I'm Obese!"

Anyone know if there's a parody sales site that has such a slogan? If everyone who is definitely in good shape, but is BMI obese above it or close to it, wore this kind of stuff...PC those damn BMI believers :)