Body weight % for lifts

Will someone please list some solid goals for the following lifts based upon % of Body Weight.
Example: Benchpress- 150% of body weight for reps is a good goal.
Lifts- Bench Press, Military Press, Bent Over Rows, Squats, Deadlift, Bicep Curls, French Curls,


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Bench press: 1.5x bw is good.  Only about 10% can do it properly with no bounce

Squats: 2x bw is good.  Again it depends on depth.  If you go all the way down to rock bottom 1.75x is a pretty fine number. 2x is awesome.  3x to rock bottom and you are pretty much a monster!  To parallel 2x is a good number.

Deadlifts: 2x bw is good for most people.  Anything above 2x is a bonus.  3x bw and you are becoming a monster!

Chins: 10x is a good number going to dead straight arms all the time and chin over the bar. 15x is the target to aim for but if you get 20 you are a freak on a leash.  If you are over 180-200+ you are dam good if you can at least 15x.

Bicep curl: 3/4 bodyweight is dam good.  1x is a  milestone and I've rarely seen anyone curl bw for one.

Military Press: 1x bw is an amazing figure.  SquatDog is insane at this movement!



I agree wholeheartedly with HeangKoing.

I agree with HK. Hell, even numbers under that are better than most. For example, most folks out there can't even do 1x BW for reps on a bench.

Here are some more examples. Take into account that you may want/need to adjust the factors up or down a little depending on your bodyweight....

very cool Wiggy. Thx

The curl is talking about stardard standing cur with a barbell right? I've never seen anyone do bodyweight at that. But theres probably some light guys who can.

great site. Thanks Wiggy.

thanks to all for the help.

I saw this guy at 135lbs curl 140lbs in fact.  He was light but he curled a dam fair bit!

Magnus does a lot!  But not quite body weight I think?

Well either way they are crazy strong.


That picture of Magnus is way more than bodyweight.