Book Announcement for Jamie Hale

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jamie Hale's ebook "Maxcondition" is just about two weeks away from launching! You can pre-order and save $10 at ... The book is chock full of fantastic information well suited for any MMA athlete. I think Jamie sums to book up best with the following:


Pre-order Now for $29.95

Price will be $39.95 when book is released in two weeks? Don't Delay!

Unique benefits of Jamie Hale's system and approach?

Development of comprehensive training plans that address the entire spectrum of athleticism and fitness

Promotion of various tools in achieving ultimate fitness

Varying training stimuli on a regular basis combating the biological law of accommodation

Agility training is important for general fitness as well as athletic performance

Understanding the most effective movements in order to enhance particular motor qualities

Athletes and coaches should be able to define the specific motor qualities emphasized in their sports

Separating skill coaches and sports conditioning coaches

Progressive volume and intensity introduced in a very cyclic manner

Questioning the status quo

The relation the various motor qualities have on the development of other qualities

Avoid neural burnout

Warrior like attitude

Absolute strength makes up a small part of complete fitness

Power and strength are separate qualities

The real secret to speed training

Running form drills

Looking fit and being fit, not the same

Conditioning does not only refer to endurance, it refers to the development of the specific motor qualities most emphasized in a particular endeavor

In almost all sports agility and quickness are the primary motor qualities emphasized

Fancy equipment equals non conditioned athlete and waste of money

Comprehensive Sports Conditioning is not taught in college or any certification program am aware of
Beware of personal trainers

Book includes 487 photos, olympic lifts, education of a sports conditioning coach, dynamic range of motion, static range of motion, linear speed, agility, quickness, strength , power, GPP, Program design, steel sledge, kbs, barrel training, various strongman movements etc........

thank you
coach hale


Sounds good, is your background on the site Coach Hale?

Is it only available as an ebook?

visit in order to read some of my work as well as learning more about myself.

coach hale

Wow, this will be a book to have.

TTT for coahc Hale

The last chapter of the book is title Program design. Provides parameters used in designing programs. There is an mma program in the chapter as well.

coach hale

jamie, do you know, for sure, when book will be released?

1-2 weeks.

thank you
coach hale


Any plans for hard copy books in the future?


I've had the luxury of reading the book and I can honestly say that it is an extraordinary body of knowledge. You should be very proud of it and I know that in-time it will become the pre-eminent authority on training for MA and all Strength and Conditioning work.

See you in Vegas soon, my friend.

In faith,

Coach Davies

who is that on the cover? is that what it will look

that is coach hale himself on the cover

that would be myself on the cover.

thank you
Coach Hale

coach, you are shredded. i would also like a hard
copy of this. I want this book in my hands.

i am sure you will be pleased with the book.

thank you

In regards to getting lean my Adipose x program has proven to be very successful.

thank you
coach hale

You know it's funny ... since posting the cover of Coach Hale's book, we've gotten so many comments on his physique ... but let's get one thing straight ... we train to MOVE!! Looking good is a nice by-product :-) And Coach Hale is an extraordinary athlete ... so yes, you can judge the book by it's cover.

As Grant said i do not train for the sole purpose of physique. My goals are to enhance overall athleticism. The lean physique is a product of hardwork and clean food. I am writing an article in the near future that will give readers a look at my eating plan.

Read my article Train like an athlete. That is the way i do things.

btw i am shooting a new dvd within the next couple of weeks and possiblely releasing a new product particularly for mma.

thank you
Coach Hale