Bouncing with Judo

Well, as with the theme of most of my threads here, this one is about kicking ass as well..

Last year I started bouncing at some clubs here in is called The Garage (which is a pool hall) and the other is called The Rocket (which is a hip-hop nightclub).

Both are owned by my buddy's dad..

Well, my buddy's dad sold the nightclub because it got crazy..We had all kinds of thug wannabe's comin in, fights every night, lines down the sidewalk, cops where always on us, etc..I got into alot of altercations there..I'd guess probably 20 or so.

Of those, most I ended up using hadaka jime (regular and reverse) standing, applying enough pressure to make them weak, dragging them out backwards, or driving them forward, laying them down outside and walking back in as they came to..

I think Hadaka Jime is perhaps one of the most effective techniques a bouncer can have in his arsenal..I think judo gives us a good understanding of it, because without the constant training it would be very dangerous to use chokes since you wouldnt have much experience in how someone feels when they start to go black..In fact, you could probably kill them..In this way, Judo is great for bouncing.

Another thing I used quite alot where grips on clothes..You can stop a guy from hitting you with grips, even if he is only wearing a grabbing a lapel like grip at the shoulder, you can stop a guy from cracking you in the jaw, limiting him to large outside swings, no crosses....which for a lil guy like me, is pretty important because I am often outsized....

One thing I learned the hard way is that when you choke someone, be very, very careful when you let them go..One guy was trying to push in the door to go after another bouncer one night, I caught him in reverse hadaka (guillotine) and started walking him out the we got outside, the guy started trying to uppercut me in the nuts, so I did a soft o'soto and kept the choke on, he went out and I let go...CRACK, his head hit the pavement and made the sickest sound imaginable...

Another guy I had in regular hadaka passed out, remembering what happened with the other guy, I made sure to lay him down softly but when I let go of the choke..CRACK, his head hit the pavement too..

So now I make sure to catch their head before it hits..If you ever choke someone, make sure you do, you could f them up forever letting their head hit the crete...and it just isnt worth it when the guy is just drunk and not usually a bad guy anyway..

Well, its been a few months since I have done any bouncing with the closing of The Rocket but I just got hired to run security at a new Club they built, called Wooly Bullies..Its a country and western nightclub..Im assuming it may get a bit rowdy so Im excited..

Any of you ever bounce? any tips, tricks, thoughts, or ideas?

"I made sure to lay him down softly but when I let go of the choke..CRACK, his head hit the pavement too."

lol...Been there! The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy used to teach a modified hadaka jime (they called it the lateral vascular neck restraint) and there was special emphasis on not letting the suspect's head bounce off the pavement. They taught the choke in three force levels:

'Level 1' was the application of the choke from behind on a standing suspect. No pressure on his neck yet and you were yelling 'POLICE' loudly in his ear to get compliance.

'Level 2' - Not getting the compliance you wished, you then dropped him back onto his butt and applied pressure to his neck while kneeling behind him. Don't choke him out yet, just let him feel that you're serious make him realize he is in danger of going to sleep.

'Level 3' - He is still fighting. Apply hadaka jime until he loses consciousness, then gently lay him down and roll him to his stomach for handcuffing. This is where it was easy to drop his head on the concrete. The instructors emphasized cradling his head and gently setting it on the ground. After cuffing, roll him back over, sit him up, and revive him. CAUTION: Many suspects woke up with no knowledge or memory of passing out and woke up fighting 100%! Be ready!

Unfortunately, they no longer teach this in Indiana. Of course, this was before pepper spray and tasers.

Patrick Robinson

If verbal judo does not work then make sure you do not get sucker punched. From there your strategy sounds real good to me.

Agreed osae, one thing is for sure, getting the drop on someone is really important...

For example, you try and be cool and ask a guy to leave, AS SOON as he dosnt comply, you gotta act..I watched a few bouncers get rocked from not getting the drop..My buddy Nate got rocked in the face by trying to talk a guy out before..Broke his nose too.

I think the reason Judo works well is because you cant punch people as a the guy that broke my buddy's nose, we still couldnt hit him.

actually.. i always felt that uranage worked well.. not to necessarily throw somebody with, but to just get them off their feet where they cant punch you and people around notice somebody is being thrown out so they clear a path.

the one time i actually had to sub somebody i used a standing straight armlock. it worked shockingly well.

the worst part of bouncing for me was simply my own friends.. there were a few of them who just didnt back down sometimes and that ended up in me having to explain to the managers why my pals were in brawls in my workplace so often... =( one of those brawls was on my very first night.. lol

What would you guys consider a "verbal judo" way of asking a guy to leave? I always use the,

"It's my bosses, this is just my job" angle.

Plus, Im usually smaller than most dudes and they dont seem to feel as challenged by a little guy asking them to leave.

Alot of the fights I experienced didnt really happen in talking to them..Usually it was at the front door with someone pissed off at not getting in, someone inside, or something of that nature..Or you go to break up a fights and they try to attack you as you do...

I dont consider extractions fights really since there isnt much fight to the guys if you do it right..

Sneak chokes are great fight enders and this is the biggest situation we had to face..Other people fighting....We had it down to a science.. We would walk up on the fight, Nate would grab one in hadaka jime, Id grab the other, he left through the back, I left through the front. We always had one bouncer walking in front of us on the way out to watch blindsiders (you can't see them because you are walking backwards with a choke on)...There where 5 of us but only 4 did extraction..The 5th was the head of security, his job was to call us into action, call police, and sit on his ass I

I hit one guy Seoi Nage who hopped on my back whikle I was scuffling with his friend. His friend couldnt get in because he didnt have an i.d. (he was old enough but the tool I was working with made a big deal of it)..So he gets pissed and starts walking in anyway..So I get in his way as he starts coming through the entrance and he tries to go right through me..

So I bear hugged him, lifted him up, ran him out the door and took him down to the concrete..I didnt follow all the way down though, stayed in a knee-in type situation with my knee on his nuts (me half standing, him in open guard type situation) I started to back away, his buddy jumps on my back and tries to sneak choke me, I threw him right on top of his friend, then the other bouncers poured out and one pulled me inside while the others finished the job (Dont know what they did, I was inside at that time with my shirt ripped half off)...

Josh, where elbows ever a problem that way?

NOT FOR ME... =0

All bouncers should just carry guitars with them and anytime someone gets out of line, just pluck out a soothing G chord. This will turn the bad guy pansy and make his girlfriend want you.

I was taught that there is never an asshole mode..You go from polite to action (or as swayze says Nice and not nice:)..Never allowing something to escalate into a situation before you have it in hand..meaning never yell, be rude, etc,etc..Go from nice straight to action. Always getting the drop.

Thats what I was taught anyway by the old school guys...

The hip hop joint got crazy sometimes...

Im sure Wooly Bullies is gunna be rowdy too..Big country and western night club, mechanical bull, stage, dancefloor, etc, etc...Yahooo!!:)

All bouncers should just carry guitars with them and anytime someone gets out of line, just pluck out a soothing G chord. This will turn the bad guy pansy and make his girlfriend want you.

Ahh ! so that's what they mean by "picking a fight."

JJ: Thanks for that f'ng Wooly Bully song to carry around in my head the rest of the day. 

Josh, was the standing elbow lock wake gatame?

NOPE. it was hishige gatame (i think..?)

Wooly Booly, Wooly Booly, Wooly Boooly!


Great thread.

Arggh Ben. 

Well at least thanks for reminding me of the order of the words in the chorus.  Nothing worse than hearing a song sung with the lyrics screwed up.

My son's name is Tully, so I sing Tully Bully, Tully Bully, Tully Bully


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jacktown - hillarious stories. i can relate bro.

after 5 years of being a tax-accountant, i'm now bouncing at a club to be able to pay my rent while i'm trying to start my own has life changed!

i work at a club here in dallas called the candle room, which is really high-end. hardly any trouble, but it gets really packed thursday through saturday nights. most of the pro-athletes hang out there...those guys are always cool, its their hood-rat-friends you have to worry about.

also, chicks seem to be the most problematic. they think no one will beat them down.

funny story - broke up a fight a few weeks ago. one guy walks up to another guy who was with some chick and just jacks him right in the face. me and another bouncer break it up quick and drag both of them outside. they are both yelling at each other and i'm holding one of them back. he yells out "at least i'm not still in the closet!!" - i was like "wooaaa!!!" and let go of him. ha ha. turns out those 2 dudes were lovers and one was out with a girl and the other got jealous and decided to beat his a**. ha ha!

as for using judo, i've had to choke a couple of dudes before, one completely out, one just out for a second. i've done a couple of o-soto-sorta looking things, by having a right underhook, control of the right arm with my left and o-soto but not reaping, just dragging them down. picked a lot of dudes up and carred them out of trouble....nothing really too exciting.

but chicks, i've had glasses thrown at me, been slapped, all kinds of crazy sh*t. one chick bit my buddy's finger! he had to go and get stitches! haha.