Boxing Day In Canada

i am sick of rebates from futureshop. I has taken alsmot 4 months for my smc router rebate and i still havent got it. any of you canadians gonna go to futureshop and buy a rebated product?? goodluck on the rebate

fuck future shop l wont buy from there! I would rather pay more. They have screwed me over more times then l wish to admit

screw mail in rebates, they're designed to be difficult so you won't do them. If I was in charge I'd make those illegal, they're very consumer unfriendly.

dude i used to work there and that company ios all fucked up

Man, I got some serious gift cards from there so I gotta decide
what to go in and buy. Can't think of anything though.

Phone them and ask for cutomer service at the store you bought it from. I recently did this at the Park Royal store and was suprised with the good service. The guy looked into eveything and called me back 2 or 3 times to keep me updated and ensure the rebate was coming. Of course the store sucks and they never have the bait and switch, I mean SALE items in stock.

Personally, I love the FutureShop. For nerds like me, it's better than Disney World. I buy EVERYTHING from the Futureshop, if they sold groceries, I'd get them there.


Future shop screwed me over as well for the bait and switch techs that are barely legal.

So I mounted a war upon them both in telephone and internet formats. Not only did they tell I was wrong as a customer for not understanding that they were right and I was wrong, they only gave me a $20.00 rebate on a TV that was 2 steps up from the model I wanted.

If you must buy from them at least buy from the sister company, "Best Buy." Best Buy's people are not commission oriented and they have at least a 50% product difference.

Screw Future Shop.

I remember I bought a Sega Gamegear many years ago and it came with a $50 rebate coupon, so I mailed it in with the receipt and got nothing in return, from that day on I have never bought anything that comes with a mail in rebate.

Damn, I'm waiting for my SMC rebate as well???

I just spent 2 hours at Best Buy getting 1 dvd. It's crazy! The moment you go in the parking lot all sanity is lost.

what about all those comissioned futureshop employees who dont help u but when u need to ring up your items they run after u to ring it up at their till

No kidding. Unless you're about to pay for something they don't want to talk to you.

Ok, here's my piece of advice:

Let's suppose you want that SMC router:
Buy it for less from Mycrobytes, and then have a refund at Futureshop.
Even without the receipt, they will give you the full amount on a gift card.
Then, go at another Futureshop store and buy the very same router while taking advantage of their price match policy, paying Microbytes's price minus 10%.
Enjoy the extra money to buy a wireless mouse.

Tell the salesman that you'll only take the extended warranty if he gives you a bunch of goodies (batteries, leather case, whatever).

The next day, cancel the extended warranty, take your refund and keep the goodies.

Merry Christmas.

Futureshop's warranties & rebates suck at the best of times.

The warranties look good in writing but eventually tank b/c of the lack of customer service. I had to call several times after waiting six weeks for my defective cel phone to come back, only to find out it had been rtd to the store two weeks after I had brought it in. If I hadn't called, it would have been declared an unclaimed item and I would have been out a cel phone.

Manufacturer rebates are a retailers' and manufacturers way of screwing people out of their money. Basically the manufacturer hopes that the rebate certificates are never submitted in the first place or they will use the excuse that the rebates were "never received". Never trust rebates.

The best thing I love about Futureshop & rebates is how they advertise the rebate savings. They will advertise that an item selling for $299.99, will only cost $199.99 after the manufacturers rebate of $100.00 If you read the small print however, rebates can only be used after the taxes have been applied for the _full_ price of said item. After working the two out, that's a difference of roughly $14.50 that they've misled you about. I don't mind how the rebate works, but I don't like how they use misleading advertising methods.

I also love how it takes 1/2 an hour to buy something from them and three times as long to return something to them.

I'm surprised the BBB haven't gone after these goons.

Unfortunately they've still got the cheapest prices and most selection (notice I didn't say the best) when it comes to electronics and DVD's. Thankfully Willow Video is still cheaper when it comes to VG's.

I've got another one, I was up early this morning, 6:20 AM I log onot their site to check out boxing day sales, low and behold all the hard drives I was interested in were sold out. guess you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get a sale item there. My buddy tells me though if you yell and scream enough in the store it will magically appear in the back to get you to leave quietly.


Best Buy is the best, crazy long line up's though, but I slid right by undetected.

excellent stuff

it was nuts...we drove by early around 11 and there was this huge line up to get in...


I was at a mall today and half the stores had problems with their debit machines.