Boxing hard 2 learn than Jiu Jitsu

We have been having a Boxing trainer come in to where I train.I suck at Jiu Jitsu but at least I can retain some technigue afterwhile.Boxing however is hard as hell.The Footwork is hard and we will spar and I will get popped about 5 times while trying to think of what to do next.

What is funny is the 2 Boxers we have down here are picking up on Grappling pretty quick.We had 1 Boxer takedown a 2 time state champ with a bodylock and trip even.He was quickly reversed but still.

durka durka?

boxing and kickboxing are much harder, which is why you should spend more time training them.. its more refined movement, and the timing is more critical.. grappling in general is alot of gross movements and is simple by comparision at the basic levels..

both can get pretty complex at the high level..

who f*cking cares

I think also that given the way humans are built, grappling may be the more natural fighting form.

You probably have bad rhythm , which is why you have a problem with the footwork. No joke. It will be an uphill climb for you.

I have grappled for some time now , but I hurt my neck last august and decided to do some boxing while it healed.

I thought I would be an absolute disaster as my size (6'1, 275 with short arms) but I turned out to be pretty decent, power with speed and combo's; looking for amateur fights in the spring.

Not to turn this into a style argument, but I think guys who do more stand up grappling and throws can transition better if they can open themselves mentally. Explosive twisting movements, level changes, chaining moves, and setups/angles while vertical are basic tools shared by both styles.

"boxing and kickboxing are much harder, which is why you should spend more time training them.."

Well only if you want to compete in boxing/kickboxing. If not, then why bother learning?

Anything you want to get good at needs time-in-training.

I think that is the beauty of Jiu-Jitsu, it is easy for most people to pick-up - and more practical for most, as well as with almost immediate application.

"Well only if you want to compete in boxing/kickboxing. If not, then why bother learning?"

well this is an MMA forum, so I assume quite a few people also train in MMA, thus the obvious need to train boxing/kickboxing.

Well, I think that any training prior to moving to another art is going to make that new art just a bit easier to learn. I started originally in TKD, moved to kickboxing and then later to grappling. By no means would I say i'm good, but I can see where TKD made my transition to kickboxing easier, and I can see where the athleticism I gained from kickboxing made my transition to grappling easier.

i think it speeds up the learning curve. I train with a guy who has a back ground in gymnastics. He's one of the fastest learners i've ever seen!!

Striking does take more time to master the basics, and as a skill it's more perishable (quit training it for any length of time and your game will deteriorate). The toughest period is the beginning,'ll nail it, then it won't seem any harder than grappling.

who f*cking cares

boxing is hard because it can screw with your momentum thinking about/getting hit if you're not used to it.

I used to think that boxing was harder than grappling. I was a wrestler so grappling came natural to me. I thought that boxing was very tough because I was always training with guys who were a lot better than me and getting toyed with. After I had been training a while, I worked out with some beginners and then I realized that my standup game had progressed a ton, it was just hard to tell because i was still getting consistantly beat on by the better guys.

To get the basics down in grappling is probably quicker than in Boxing.

After a couple of months of training 2/3 times per week your average grappler can at least defend a bit against someone who has been training a year or so and maybe if they are a quick learner at least atempt the odd submission. Against someone who has been training 2 yrs plus they will get toyed with.

After a couple of months of boxing training 2/3 times per week, your average boxer will have just started to get the hang of moving whilst maintaining a stance, basic blocking techniques and throwing a 1-2 combination. Put them in the ring with someone who has been boxing a yr-18 months and they are going to be purely defensive and probably get picked apart. Put them in the ring with someone who has proper boxing experience and they will get KOed in under a round.

There are of course exceptions to the above, phenoms who pick up either crazy fast, people with background transferable skills etc.

Both arts take a lifetime to master.


to the starter of this thread. it sounds to me as if you are thinking too much. in boxing, if you do enough correct repetition, it should start flowing naturally. give it some time and you'll see what i'm talking about

Why is striking harder to learn than grappling???

It sucks to get HIT. U feel pain. Alot of SHARP PAIN! U can ease your way into boxing like the CRAZY MONKEY drills developed by the SBG crew...but unfortunately...most gyms seem to throw u in there and see if u are a pussy or not.

^^^true, only the truly tough will be able to survive in boxing long enough to get good. It weeds out the pussies who turn their heads and cover like a girl when someone is throwing a punch at them. BJJ does not do this.

This is like comparing oranges and apples (?).