Brass knuckles

I have heard of them, even seen pictures. But I have never seen where to find them. Anyone have any experience with these or know where to find them? Or did these things go out with the Clancey Street gang?

they're illegal.

SO are many other weapons but are still available. Thanks for the info though.

I've never seen a decent set, only stupid hybrid folding knife/knuckles and belt buckles.

they're not fun because you can't flip them open.

I took the initiative and found these on google

I like the ones here:

just the thought of even getting jabbed by a set of these gives me a headache. However I would prefer to carry these over a knife, once that knife is open a lot of damage is going to happen....for some reason I feel like a few pops from some knucks would be easier, faster, and allow me to get away (mainly because the assailant would be out cold).

Brass knuckles? Never heard of them. I do have a beautiful brass "paperweight" that I recently bought off the net. It was shipped to me here in California because there is no law against selling brass paperweights. I am relieved knowing that my stack of papers will not blow away from a sudden draft.


LOL!! holds your phone messages great too, huh?

Ahh yes, I would chose to carry my paperweight, in case I come across some loose leaf blowing around.

stevekt...what online office supply store did you use? I would like to get a paperweight, however I would like a reputable dealer....of paperweights....

docjkd: :)

pretty ironic for this thread to pop up, I saw a
paperweight in action Sunday night in a domestic
altercation. Two light arm punches resulted in two
cuts and a bloody mouth.

Yeah, brass paperweights are effective but not worth the felony

Shovelhook...what was that all about? Two hits in the arm with a paperweight?

"Yeah, brass paperweights are effective but not worth the felony charge."
I guess I don't worry about this type of thing, anyone I would use it on most likely was trying to harm me or mine. Anybody who would do this wouldn't be the type of person the law is willing to help a whole lot. I guess working in the hospital has shifted my perspective.

Yeah, but just having them is a felony in my state, using them is
even worse. If you get caught that is.

"Shovelhook...what was that all about? Two hits in the arm with a paperweight? "

Arm punches, punches without proper form, wouldn't normally hurt.

I also try to be aware of what's legal for carrying. I'm not worried about getting caught after using it (when it'd probably be the last of my concerns), as much as having them find it on me in a totally unrelated event. Particularly now, when you're more likely to get a pat-down as part of increased security.

I even make sure my pocket knives look very professional and dressy, instead of effective. The classification of "concealed weapon" can be very subjective in court.

Get a big aluminum carabiner instead...

I carry a stinger. Highly recommended. has some good
ones, but the guy shipped me the 1/2 pound brass
knuckles in a tiny little paper envelope with no
padding at all. You could completely see that it was
brass knuckles in there.