Braulio Estima Pre-Sale

The Braulio DVD instructional is going on pre-sale.

We will be the only place to purchase this DVD for several weeks thereafter.

You can go to Bjjtapes to purchase for the pre-sale. DVD should ship by August 12. This is a 2 DVD set with all of his competition moves explained in detail. This is the best DVD I have produced to date.

Braulio's closed guard techniques are amazing. I have used them successfully in training, and hate to see it go. You don't really see great closed guard attacks anymore, and Braulio brings it back.

His open guard techs are amazing as well. 

I will put up links to several clips in a few days.


did you ever put up clips on the Rigan dvd on passing? I went to website and wasn't able to see any for Rigan's or the others.

Cool!  I'm a huge Braulio fan.

Is the whole set guard?  Does he cover any other positions?

no, don't have one of Rigan. I guess I can as well.

Yes, this is his whole guard set. From closed to open and his game. I have watched Braulio for years and he explains everything.

He also explains, in detail, how to prevent the open guard pass and to recover. There are sweeps and his guard passing. I will put up the entire list in a day or so.

Sounds very interesting

Is there any discount codes or is the price listed the pre-sale price? I have been looking forward to this DVD for a while - there was some talk about including the seminar DVD...did it make it into this set, or not? thanks

no the seminar is not included. The audio was terrible. I would not have cost anymore to include it, but the audio would have ruined the experience.


Looking forward to clips.

Whats the total running time?

Very glad to hear the whole thing is all guard!!!

I will be getting this for sure.

Looking forward very much to this one! Can't wait to see sample clips and a technique list.

It is about 3 hours of non-stop explanation (even when he is training).

It changed my closed guard game and how to approach it. Braulio is one of the few guys to do the armbar and choke from the closed guard consistently in competition.

Most of the time (when being taught armbar from the guard) you were taught to drive the opponent's arm across the other side while he has posture. I never really understood this logic (even when your raise the hips to match his posture). Braulio's tactic is to keep the guy close to your chest and the way that he shows you make complete sense. From there, he has a number of attacks that he uses.

I will say that the DVD techniques will be on the competition mats fairly soon.

Wow, 3 hours is pretty good.

All on closed and open guard eh?

Good stuff.

yes - closed guard, open guard with sweeps and submissions in each. And passing the guard.

The DVD is set up in sequence - explaining everything and the what-if's.

Since it is on his game, is this set meant for people built like braulio or will it be useful to just about everyone?

any clips?

ttt for those clips!

^^^ Thats what I want to know as well..

No, you don't have to be built like Braulio. The mechanics are the same for short and tall. I will get to the clips this weekend.



ordered ,waiting anxiously