Bravado Tournament in April

Is it Gi or No Gi?

I hear gi only.

Yes it is a gi only double elimination tourney

Here is the link

you can pre-register online



$5.00 for spectators is excellent!

WTF they're selling the spectators for $5??

why are there no points awaded for side guard in this one

Rules look standard. What's side guard? Do you mean side control/side body/cross body/100 kilos?

If so, no set of rules I'm aware of gives points for side control, but rather for passing the guard into side control (3pts), just like this tournament does.

This rule concerns me " No hands , elbows , and knees , on the face ".

I would like clarification. I understand the no knee on face, as well as no elbows. But hands? Pushing the head is a big part of sport BJJ. Pushing the forehead,side of the head, chin, and cheeks (of the face), should be allowed.

Could Tony or Danny please provide clarification as to how this rule will be interpreted?

Yeah you dont give points for side control ,its for passing the guard

and there good looking for 5

Josh, To properly clarify, no intentional contact to the facial mask (cheek to cheek,eyebrows to chin) example: some competitors in the past have tried to "suffocate" their competitors by putting their hand over their opponents mouth & nose.(i found that one funny!)

This is a pretty standard tournament rule.

I understand what your saying Kashk .if you were to have triple attack and wanted to stuff the head to get the armbar perfectly legal it`s hands in the face ,eyes ,bridge of nose ect. we want to avoid.

AWESOme!!! Great to see discount for women!!!


its standard to prohibit the hand over mouth. I hope that you are allowed to push the head, but not the nose and eyes.

Is placing the palm of my hand against my opponents cheek to push his head away legal?


Kashk :yes to advance your position totally legal.

jiuchick :I`m glad you like the idea, hopefully more women will want to compete because of it .to pay $50 for one fight is not encouraging.


So to sumarize, you cant apply pressure to the eyes or nose with your hands but other than that it is legal push on the face.

Let me know if what I said is correct.

What is your goal to imporve your position or to cause discomfort/hurt him ?

The referees at this tournament will determine that on the mat.If they feel your purpose is to hurt your opponent they will stop you.Chances are if your purpose is gain better position your hand wont be there long anyway,but I think you know whats right ,its just a matter of how it will be enforced your concerned about.