Brennan vs's videos

 Hey guys, I'm putting some footage on youtube right now of sub tourneys and MMA fights of mine cuz whoever puts them on now is obviously not a fan of mine becuase they have only loaded my losses LOL. 

I just put up 2 vids of me and Mac Danzig and me and Bill Cooper competing in a sub event back in the day.  I'll keep putting more up as the day goes on. 

Also if i have VHS tapes do I need to take them somewhere to get them on DVD before putting them up?

Me and Bill Cooper

Me and Mac Danzig

 VS's? LOL!

if you have a capture card you can just plug a vcr up to it and record that way

i saw a commercial of yours while watching one of the videos on budovideos the other day. i wasnt paying attention and i thought to myself, 'who is this jackass?'

thanks for the vids

 uh, thanks?

WestsideStrangler -  uh, thanks?


LOL!! Backhanded compliment... Or just backhanded? LOL

And I have a VHS/DVD converter sitting in my living room.

 Antonio McKee coming up in a sec.  Why didn't someone tell me not to wear a shirt in this fight? LOL!

Its about time Chris !!!

 Chris vs Antonio McKee

As far as your Kimura goes, do you already have your arm laced through or it's right when you sit up he wraps it before you reach over and inside?

 What's about time?

 Well there are a couple things you can do.  Lets say you are sitting up to your right side.  You can leave your left arm laced in and post the right and play with the sit up sweep and back to the kimura when he bases out (if he doesn't base out then sweep) This will also give you space to scoot your hips out to the left so you can bring your left foot over the top of his head like shown on the DVD and post it on his left hip.  You get it or no?

TTT because your DVDs are excellent.

 Thank you very much I try to please :-)



 Kevin Hogan coming up.  Sick armbar finish.  Anyone have Gladiator Challenge 11 with me and Thomas Denny?  Or me and Gomi?  That was a loss but my favorite fight.

 lol @ "You get it or no?"!

(Sorry, sometimes simple things make me laugh)

 LOL!  Well I didn't want to lose him so I had to check

Is that Jake jumping into the cage after the Mckee finish? aha

Yes it was.  Jeremy was in the red hoodie and tried to jump in but security was hanging from his leg haha.  Jake got yelled at.