Bring back Jeff Joslin

Just watched the Kos/Joslin fight again and im not here to argue the decision but he's got the standup and the jits much like Nick Diaz with the lanky height/reach to go with it.

In fact, that would be a cool matchup.

Joslin's leg kicks were very smooth and quick on Kos and his guard was good too. It was a close fight vs. Kos and Kos has shown himself to be one of the top UFC WW guys and that was Joslin's UFC debut.

Its not like the UFC WW div lack talent and depth (its dam sick at this state) but a guy of Joslin's caliber should def be brought back imo.

So many sick matchups.

He's fighting Lytle isn't he?

Is he? In which coming show?

Rumored for 73

its not a rumor, its a fact

Joslin is fighting Lytle next. Whom he will beat.

"He's fighting Lytle isn't he?"

They really want to get rid of Lytle DON'T they!

Well, cool and should be a good fight, i dont see why Lytle should be counted out though, hes very well rounded himself, has good, technical hands and I doubt Joslin can impose himself on the ground like Lytle.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Lytle wins. Joslin is a good fighter but overrated on these boards IMO.

Overated? How so? I dont see anyone saying Joslin's gonna tear thru the division but he did better vs. Kos than the highly touted Diego...

As soon as someone says you are a good fighter or you are going to win an upcoming fight you are overrated on the UG.

...and we also know what losing 1 fight will do to one's rep on the UG too...

Lytle and Joslin are both very well rounded.

It just happens to be the fact that Joslin has better boxing, better wrestling, and better grappling that will help him win.

Joslin was a heavy favorite in the Koscheck fight according to the UG. Kos beating him was an upset in the eyes of many.

I dont recall that. Kos was touted as a future champ from very early on.


TTT Can't wait to see the next Joslin fight.

I would not have been upset if Joslin had gotten the decision over Kos. He ate him up on the feet (what little there was of standing action before those sick takedowns) and was very aggressive on the ground. Kos landed a couple elbows over the course of the fight that made Joslin bleed, and that's about it.

"I dont see anyone saying Joslin's gonna tear thru the division but he did better vs. Kos than the highly touted Diego."

The Joslin nuthuggers made the Penn huggers look sane before his last fight. At one point the guy had not fought in 2 years and there were a bunch of threads complaining about him not getting a shot in the UFC.

Huge Joslin fan here....however I cringed when his fight with Koscheck was announced.

Fight went pretty much how I expected.