brock lesnar S&C (vid)

Saw that episode and liked it and it made me like him. Then, I heard his really mature ranting about shoving his fist down Mir's throat and ripping his heart out. Man, I enjoyed seeing him tap after that. Every redneck in the bar was disappointed. LOL!

Skills pay the bills.

While Lesnar was lifting weights, Mir was wrestling with an Olympian.

Weights don't kneebar back.

"but at the end of the day athleticism alone will take an fighter further than just skills."

Did you miss UFC 1?

Mir is a big athletic guy and lifts weights, but the All Access showed him sparring a lot more than the guy who got tapped in 90 seconds.

killa workout thats for damn sure!!

"Did you miss UFC 60?"

Are you claiming that Matt Hughes is totally reliant on athleticism alone? That he hasn't learned any jiu-jitsu from Jeremy Horn?

Mir had the better blend of technique and strength because he spent more time sparring. That's what I said in my first post on this thread and the one that prompted your reply.

The only thing super-outdated here is your reading comprehension.

"most people would assume that your argument was that Lesnar should have spent less time lifting weights, and more time on "skills" work."

That was my argument. Post-fight Lesnar was saying that he only sparred a few rounds in preparation for the fight. He clearly needed more live submissions training, and an easy way to fit that into his schedule would be to cut back on the weight lifting.

lesnar is a monster, most guy dont have sub skill like mir whether it be in the street or octagon.

Was it me or did they cut out round 4 and 5?

I say cut out the interview at the begining and lets see all 5 rounds.

Very cool, thanks for posting this.

"Then, I heard his really mature ranting about shoving his fist down Mir's throat and ripping his heart out."

Eh, seem to recall Mir saying he wanted to rip Lesnars face off...

I hope he starts winning. If he loses, how long do you think it'll be before Sable gets sick of living out in Siberia?