Browne teaches his anti-wrestling elbows

Browne teaches his anti-wrestling elbows


Watch Travis Browne break down his trademark elbow strikes, a technique that he has used to humiliate those who attempt to wrestle with him.




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Aim for the back of the head Phone Post 3.0

*technique not effective if fight goes past 3 minute mark

Love this technique! Love seeing it finally being used in the UFC! My boy Miles finished some cat with this move years ago in a local bout. I don't even think he was looking for the position, just defended the double and took what was available. Anyone interested, should youtube Miles Marshall. If I could've kept him out of trouble I think he could've been a hell of a fighter. 

I can teach you all.

1)Lift elbow as high as possible

2)Slam into the back of opponents head until they are unconscious

Amazing! Loved it Phone Post 3.0


Usually the voice is spot on but this one seems a little off. Still good though. Phone Post 3.0

many fighters have been KOd with these, Hendricks was nailing GSP with those, scary stuff.

fuck, anyone can win with illegal elbows. as soon as someone shoots, just elbow the shit out of them in the back of the head. i personally dont think these should be legal. if you feel good about winning that way, and think of that as a victory, you are not much of a man

12 to 6 elbows, you teach them well.

This thread should be about appreciating the humor provided by one of the UG's very own. 

slo ko - This thread should be about appreciating the humor provided by one of the OG's very own. Phone Post 3.0

yeah glad to see him doing cartoons again.

wallid ismail is his best voice, does everybody pretty good though.

MoodyR1 - Anything you can do I can do better.

-The Freak Phone Post 3.0

LOL @ better

Moody reappears only to embarrass himself again.

whoever made that is awesome...complimented and ripped on browne at the same time in hilarious fasion

Yeah. Most of them.

I grew up in a poor kid in a poor neighborhood. We had awesome times, and horrible times. I was there where parents died, girlfriends announced they were pregnant, fights, broken bones, drinking, smoking, drugs, arrests, just so many things.

Most of us have moved, but not far away. Most of them are still poor, did time, etc. But some of them would probably kill someone if i needed them to. All of them would give me the shirt off their back. I cant say I would, but im a jerk. Its cool and sad all at the same time.

"#4 RIP. Steve Mazagati may consider stopping the fight."
LOL Phone Post 3.0

iceman714 - I feel like these are getting less and less funny Phone Post 3.0
Actually I thought that one was way better then the recent mma cartoon things like this I've seen. Phone Post 3.0