Bruce Lee: am i the only one

who wasn't inspired to take martial arts because of him, or actually that interested in his movies (when i was a kid)?

as an adult, i appreciated the game that men had in the game of death, and i thought beating on chuck norris was entertaining, but really, it wasn't my favourite movie. neither was the the 7 deadly venoms, which was a boring piece of shiite.

I was and still am inspired by him.

A man ahead of his time.

No you aren't alone. I don't care for him either. His movies were mediocre at best. Then again I'm not a big movie fan.

I am sure there a plenty that were not inspired by bruce lee. But many were and still are, myself included

I remember watching Bloodsport back in like 89, and was all gung ho and ready to run out and take karate lessons, thank god I didn't lol.

This guy came into my grappling club back in 1982. His words of encouragement to me, changed my life.

Bruce Lee did make good movies though.

movies were ok. not enough ninjas, imo-MM

double post

japetto, i don't deny he influence a lot of people, including many forum members, that's why i was wondering if i was in an extremely small minority.

knee bar, i know he was a head of his time in north america, but i know in asia, peeps were cross training in judo, and full contact karate, or combining chinese boxing and wrestling styles before he was born, and participating in full contact matches.

i have to confess, i enjoyed jackie chan movies much more as a kid, than bruce lee movies. but that's just me.

"I remember watching Bloodsport back in like 89, and was all gung ho and ready to run out and take karate lessons, thank god I didn't lol. "

Was Bruce Lee in bloodsport?

No, but Academy Award winning actor Forrest Whitaker was in it. Now you know!

Don't let it bother you. Most Bruce Lee fans are probably a bit older than yourself.

I was 12 when he died. I imagine it's hard for guys much younger than me to put themselves into a world with no Kung Fu TV show,Ninja Turtles,Jet Li,etc.

As young martial arts enthusiasts in the early seventies, we didn't have all the references some of you take for granted. Chuck Norris was a guy who was for real, not a movie guy for those of us who went to tournaments back then and followed him,Mike Stone,Joe Lewis,and others in competitions. Return of the Dragon was weird to watch, because it probably wasn't a movie Bruce wanted to release in the states, but it was obviously beyond his control by then.

Bruce is a lot like Jimi Hendrix. To argue his place in history is to expose your lack of perspective and understanding of the time that immortalized him. If you are under an age that was there, it's perfectly understandable.

What is TMA? I keep hearing about it.

I never cared for him, didn't need his inspiration and owe him nothing. He was and is way, way overrated. Never really fought anyone, not nearly the innovator people say he was, and would have been stomped by any decent MMA fighter.

racer x, that's a good point re: perspective and you make a lot of sense. i born after bruce lee died.

japetto, no worries, if he is what got you into martial arts and helped you keep your passion for it, then it's all good.

No. Not at all.. In fact, before I knew his contributions to MMA and cross-training, he was what I wanted to bring down. I've always wanted phoney tma guys to be exposed, and before I was more knowledgable, Bruce Lee represented them. UFC number 1 inspired me.

Bruce initially, then Chuck Norris.

So far ahead of his time. His approach to research and development, work ethic, and philosophy are to be emulated by those who want to improve rapidly as a fighter AND as a person. I hope MMA evolves to include an emphasis on personal development as well as fighting skill development. TTT for Bruce Lee the fighter/philospher.

""What is TMA? I keep hearing about it."
The martial arts before UFC I."

I thought it was called Vale Tudo.

Listen to this entry in Wikipedia on IVC.

"Such matches truly lived up to the critics view of MMA as brutal fight-to-the-death gladiatorial games"

Truly fight to the death? No one died in Vale Tudo did they?