When is fighting in the UFC again.Can't wait to see him in octagon again!

Hi Paul!

Don't fear him, fear the....something something..

crickets chirp





I agree and that was my first impression.



Paul has looked good and been exciting in every fight except Arlovski, and maybe Kevin Jordan. Why the hate? Because he doesn't have a fine, sculpted body like you guys?


His boxing is good.his manager is negotiating for a bigger contract wid d ufc.

Hey, I'm not ragging on the guys fighting ability, he had a shot at the UFC heavyweight belt which is more than I or 99.99999% of the UG will ever come close to.... but c'mon, "don't fear me, fear the ...conseq..consequences"

He needs to take soundbite lessons from Royce IMO, I started applauding when I saw the vid with him talking about sending Matt home. Pure class!

i fear diarhera(?)

I like Paul. He knocks people out with that Fred Flintstone looking physique. Gotta respect that. That guy is my hero!

I say the UFC should keep him around.

I wanna see him fight Slyvia or Silva.

I like PB. He's a great striker with awesome precision. I've never seen him in a boring fight either.

If he improved his ground skills he'd be something else.

Also, he should get to fight AA again.

Buentello rules.

You guys can talk all that shit about Paul,But there one thing he does he comes to throw leather and everyone knows it.I rather see him fight,than all those lay and pray guys that are in yall TOP TEN.Golden boy right i rather watch paint dry than monson vs. cruz kind of fight any day!

no im not paul or hes not sitting next to to me!

Paul is a badass but he really needs to work on his cardio if he is gonna take his game to the next level IMO. He destroyed the last guy he fought but even in doing so it looked like he about wore himself out beatin on the guy.

Hey I would rather here the "dont fear......" than

     YOU KNOW!!!!! from that guy on that show on MTV or something.