Built my Grappling Dummy, help!

I have built my grappling dummy as was illustrated in one of the recent threads. Can anybody help a newbie with nowhere to train learn some simple submissions, escapes etc. Any links welcome. I have been watching the UFC since number 2 and would just like to get a more hands on perspective to the moves. No training facilities within a couple hours of my place. Thanks!

Great, I appreciate your help

The dummy is great for learning and practicing moves, however applying them against a resisting opponent is another thing altogether. Find a training partner to wrestle against, too.

Good start, but find a couple friends who are willing to grapple with you.

My friends are the type that think that UFC groundfighting looks "gay". They think I should work on my benching, sucks! It's Ohio okay.

Does it glow when its hit by black light?

The book "Submission Grappling" by Royler Gracie has some great No-Gi info. You can get it from Overstock.com for under $20 including shipping.

I think it's awesome that you are determined enough to train with the limited resources you have in your area.  Good for you.  As for training, I agree with getting the book at Overstock.com.  

Another option if you are interested is to start talking to some others at the local gym.  I'll bet you'll find training partners there.  Not everyone at the gym cares only about their Bench totals.

Best Wishes!





No idea why that happned 3 times..just joking around


Oh, and where can I get these instructions for building a dummy???

Check ebay for training videos....

Nurse - you got any pics of your dummy? Email me and I'll post 'em. I would be interested, and I think others would be too, to see how it turned out.



yeah ! nurse i'm interested by building a dummy too plz contact me souf_jitsu@yahoo.fr

YES!  Let's see the dummy.



In Ohio you are driving distance from wrestling.

WarpathFightGear, thanks for the book suggestion.

Friendly fiend, great links!

FriendlyFiend, Here is a link to the site for building a grappling dummy. Mine cost about $60.

pummel, I will try to post some pic's. At the moment I don't have a digital camera. The dummy IMO came out pretty well considering I am no kind of artist. Seems sturdy enough too. I have to get my pics the old fashioned way. If this thread is sunk by the time I get the pictures developed, I will still send you the pics.

DemonSmurf, What are you trying to say?