bulk up with this

bench press



standing military press
4x10,10,10,10 after each set use the weight to row that shit for 8 reps


barbell curls

let me know what you think of this


Will this be one day? Seems like alot, but I guess that's an individual viewpoint...

The key to bulking up though is to eat alot of clean healthy foods as well as lift.

Do you have your diet down to support your training?

that's a fuck ton of reps.

Is that a month's worth of training?

This looks like one of those workout plans they post up for the roiders in Muscle and Fitness or Flex.

How many body builders does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Three, one to screw in the bulb and two more to yell out, "YOU'RE LOOKING HUGE!"


i try to keep it to 24 sets total, its a lot, 2 minutes rest between each set

diet is gold

3 days a week

even when i was fighting and training a lot i overtrained

dumb i know

24 sets and i grow, any less not so much


i do like half that rep wise. split time between weight liftin days/ training days. and it all makes up a good package

24 sets with 2 minute rest?

Do you have a job?

"bench press 4x10,8,8,8,6"

I'm not sure how to read this. Are you doing that entire rep-range 4x each? Or are you doing 4x10 and then going onto the other rep sets?

only takes an hour and 10 minutes

4 sets, each set is between 6-10 reps

24-40 reps total

"only takes an hour and 10 minutes"

That's about half an hour too long.

if you say it makes you grow then go for it. but i would split it up to two days like this:

squats, bench press, chins

deadlifts, mil. press, row of some kind.

Add in your curls, triceps, grip work, abs or what ever.

If this is what works for the guy, and if this is the workout he enjoys and will stick to, then power to you, man.

I like that simple little split goku posted above peronally, but to each their own.

ttt fo lata

yeah def woulndt be more than a 2day a week routine tho...

i really like it but i would do a 5x5 volume instead but the workout is def NICE and wouldnt change a thing else tho :)