Burpee experiment

For the month of December I'm going to do nothing but Burpee's and sit-ups for six days a week. I got the Idea when I did the SCRAPPER PT for Convicts routine, then the next day I felt every muscle in my body sore.

Has any of you just done burpee's with good result?

I'll let you know how it goes.

PT for Convicts isn't that complicated, I just set a pace that would make the Devil cry like a pussy. muahahaha!


my first ever pukie came from repeating the sample audio clip of PT for Convicts on my comp and doing it over and over again. always got the pukie feeling when i worked out hard, but never completed with the projection, just the drool. But with PT 4 Convicts it was ultimate purge! lessons learned on with training.

Do you do ladders, set reps, or for time as far as the reps for burpees? Also what ab exercises do you do and how do you desginate reps for them? Sounds like the type of workout that I'm looking for for my morning wakeup. One last question, Do you do the burpees that include a push-up?