Burton's "Choke Em Out" review

"Choke Em Out"

DVD 1:

I won't get into specific details as I feel people should buy the material to get that info but I'll give some quick thoughts and overview.

Fantastic production and video quality, in fact the best production on an instructional I've seen yet!

This DVD focuses on the Rear choke in a very thorough format. Burton not only covers the mechanics of rear chokes but covers in great detail the following:

*How to attain the rear mount position from every possible position (tons of entries).
*Dealing with the various forms of resistance that an opponent/attacker may attempt.
*How to control the opponent/attacker no matter the position you are in.
* Psychology of an attacker (very overlooked subject)

What I like best about this DVD is that it is self defense geared, most instructionals usually only cover submissions from a "sport" context but Burton thinks "real world violence". However, these techniques and concepts are also transferable to "sport". This DVD is truly a 3-Dimensional approach to learning the Rear Choke and without question the best on this subject I have seen and I've seen hundreds of instructionals!!!

"Choke Em Out"

DVD 2:

This DVD again is phenomenally put together as far as production, content, etc.

The second DVD focuses on Collar chokes, the triangle choke and the arm in guillotine again as it applies to real self defense and sport.

He covers collar chokes from many different positions and from many different scenarios as well as some counters to common defenses. Not much that hasn't been covered before however his attention to detail and the fact that he deals with self defense aspects makes this better than the average collar choke instruction.

Next Burton covers the triangle choke in depth to include set-ups common entries and some unique entries from various positions. He really goes in depth with the triangle and shows details that will make the triangle much more effective. He also goes over counters to common triangle defenses that are usually overlooked on other instructional sets. This portion of the DVD set was my favorite as he covers some areas I have common problems with.

Next he covers the guillotine when the arm is in. Again he covers this in great detail as with the other techniques.

All in all this is one of the best Choke DVD's I've seen and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Choking techniques.

I just finished the 2 DVD's myself. I second the opinion that the video production was outstanding. When i saw the huge production table in the out takes I thought holy cow. My feeling is that these DVD's focus more on entries than mechanics. I feel that you would be well suited to have a grasp on the mechanics of the rear naked and collar choke before you buy these DVD's. If you have that base, then these DVD's would be better suited for you. I have seen most of the material on the DVD's, but Burton had some nice gems in the series. One thing he pointed out was how to keep a head positioned during transition to retain a choke. I instantly recognized i was making the mistake he was warning against. If you are looking for some new entries to the fundamental chokes and you are an intermediate level grappler, then you may want to check out these DVD's.

Mine aren't here yet:(



Thanks for the reviews guys. Mike, we mailed your DVDs on Monday, so they should have been there by now. Please let me know if you have not received them in a few days.

Thanks Burton. I am sure they will show up in a day or so.



I hope you enjoy and benefit from them Mike. Please let me know your thoughts.

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Mr. Richardson

Your vids are great!!!

(I haven't actually seen them but I'm getting a great vibe from them!)

Hey people,
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Burton u know what they say about publicity, its all good. The guy might be bitching but the point is now everyone who reads the post knows that u were a blue belt training hard under a legit bjj blackbelt back in 1996....which means u must have started in 1994 at the latest....so thats a shitload of grappling experience. The dude may have it in for u but he doesnt realise he is just acting like an aggressive journalist....I learnt more about u in that thread than i have seen since i joined the UG and all of what i learnt is good.

The saying goes....:
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I have been training with Burton for the past 10 years now and have met and trained with several top class fighters/coaches worldwide. Burton is in a class of his own and everybody and anyone should learn from his dynamic training methods and techqniues for realistic Street encounters or High Performance Mixed Martial Arts.

Thanks for the review of the new Series Neckcranku...


Lemon "The dude may have it in for u but he doesnt realise he is just acting like an aggressive journalist...."

Don't make me come at you Lemon!!!! At least a journalist will do a little research.

Armlok...the aggressive journalist

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This guy is crossing the line now and will be taken care of shortly for his behavior ;)

Champ is acting like a child. You did well not lowering yourself to his level, Burton.

When confronted with negative criticism, I always remember this quote.
"It's easier to pull the trigger than play guitar. Easier to destroy than create."

Burton, you've helped many people become better martial artists. That is arguably the most important credential!


Mahalo Kavan and 1911!

I just received my DVDs today, Burton. All 7 of them!!!

I think I am just going to skip the rest of work today and go home
and watch DVDs:)