buying 100 Pound plates...where to go, cheapest??

anyone know??i think 100 pound plates would come in handy for a few things in my workout..

I'd check craigslist if possible.

Try asking your local gym if they can tell you where they purchased their plates then look it up. Phone Post

In, I'm trying to find a couple myself Phone Post

i checked amazon and they vary bigtime in price..from $315 for a pair to $140 for another pair...ill look gonna check out new york barbells, see what they have to offer..

you guys having any luck finding them for under $100 per plate??im not..dunno if i wanna fork over $250 plus just for plates

I got a squat rack, bar and 600 LB of plates for 200 bucks when a local private high school upgraded their shit.

Check CL and keep checking it. Might even put an add saying what you're looking for. Someone will get back to you.