Callin guy out for my MMA Debut

My friend from HS thinks that Gary Sheffield from the NY Yankees could kick my ass based on a picute of him that he saw in the NY Post. I am calling him out to fight!! Please post your predictions of what you think would happen and who would win and why.

Thank You

Sheffield via roid-rage in round 2

sec round hmmm... help me prove this guy wrong. I think I could take him

WOW Spicy Mchaggis why dont u just say what u feel then OMG.. I think you have some anger issues. I will have nightmares for weeks about this

Rickson by armbar.

I pick the dumbass

fabesyou forgot round 1

It depends on whether it was 5 or 10 minute rounds.


the fight between Gary and I will be one 10 min round with Pride rules.


by whatever submission he chooses

by the way my work did a overnight yankee oriole road trip, some of
the guys ran in to sheffield at a club, and ended up arguing with him
so maybe he is ready for a NHB fight.

Kalel has sneezzed the correct... better get a squigy for that screen..

Guys please dont hold back and spare my feelings, I am so drunk right now I probably would not care anyway. Let me hear your true thoughts on this

I am pretty sure Gary could kick your ass.... at baseball.

Jamie Cruz is a bad ass, and I think he would win by triangle! :)


Not sure if you remember me, but I am the guy from Miletich's that was with Danny Ives at Renzo's when you got back from beating Mark Hughes. Anyway, good luck in the future! :)

I pick them dumbass, because I hate the fucking Yankees!!!!

BZLJJ Thanks and yes I do remember but I dont think I would win by triangle. My triangle is horrible. If I do end up with him in my guard which I would not want ( I would try to take him down) I would probably try to sweep him. I need to work on my MMA but scouting before I would feel comfortable pulling guard on Sheffield

Since it would be your first MMA fight, I would fight a lesser opponent, say Derek Jeter?

Cruz wins via the Omaplata


I stand by my prediction, although I have watched your match with Mark many times on and I think you are right, you DO like to sweep people AND be on top! lol

However, I STILL say Jamie by TRIANGLE! ;)