Calling a BJJ/ Grappling match a "fight"

Not that big of a deal, but I cringe slightly every time I hear a BJJ guy call one of their matches a "fight". Perhaps it's a Portuguese thing (because this trend is rampant amongst Brazilians) in which the words fight and match are very closely related, but when native English speakers start calling matches "fights" as well, its kind of comes off as poserish. I mean let's be honest, there is no way a match that is governed my millions of rules, in front of the watchful eye of refs, medics and judges, in front of spectators, and completely devoid of punches, kicks, elbows, knees and striking of any sort, can be classified as a "fight".

This would be akin to wrestlers calling their matches fights (a laugh worthy thought) as well as Judo guys stating similar things. Thoughts?

well this is a novel thread idea OP

Do you have fights on the internet or matches on the internet? Phone Post

Good post. I don't call my matches at tournaments "fights" but people always will, and that's their choice. What constitutes a "fight" anyway? MMA matches are called fights, yet there are people who don't consider them fights compared to the original UFC days, and vale tudo. Boxing is all punches and no kicks or grappling, so by those standards some could argue that a boxing match isn't a real fight. They are all combat sports, but the word "fight" is subjective. Phone Post 3.0

I personally call them "matches" for the reasons that have been repeated a million times here.

However, for what it's worth I just listened to Open Mat Radio's awesome podcast with BJ Penn and he repeatedly refers to them as "fights"--never "matches" or anything else. Phone Post 3.0

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Please OP, for the love, slap yourself hard across the face at least 3 times for having made this thread...yet again. Phone Post 3.0

I call them fights because literally the top of the top guys call it that too and I listen to them more than you Phone Post 3.0

if you're a stickler for semantics, then be well informed before you bring it up

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thebasher - well this is a novel thread idea OP

Lol Phone Post

Fighting for the takedown, fighting for position, fighting for the set-up, fighting for the finish....

No matter to me IMO. Six of one, half a dozen of the other Phone Post

I can't believe no one has ever brought this up before. Great topic op, tell us your thoughts on gi vs no gi. Phone Post 3.0

I wonder how a prime Mike Tyson would do in mma.

Eh, what am I thinking? 6 months sprawl training of course!

While we are at it....
He would prime Rickson do today in competition?
Could a blue belt today beat Royce in ufc 1?
Do you think the top guys use steroids?
I hate 50/50, what do you guys think?
And finally, why should I train in the gi to fight in the cage? Phone Post

I call them matches but most people I know call them fights.

You're trying to render a person unconscious or break a limb/joint si i have no issues with it Phone Post

I call it submission cuddling. Phone Post

Rickson by armbar Phone Post 3.0

People say grappling sports are not fights because there is no striking. Is boxing not a fight then since it doesn't have grappling?

What about when a fat guy has you mounted? Are you allowed to say you are fighting for air? Phone Post 3.0

On patrol once and got shot at. I shot back. Is that a fight or not? There was no grappling or punches thrown. Phone Post 3.0