Can I NOT gain this much

So I guess this is kind of a spin-off of my previous thread, except this time it relates to me. This year I wrestled 130lbs (around one month before the preseason, I weighed 138, but that was on a poor diet) I lost the weight through a smart diet, never had to cut, and eventually had to eat more to gain weight because I was weighing in at 126, and when a weight allowence came, my coaches could no longer bump me up to 135 if they wanted.

Right now, I am 5'6, weigh 129lbs, 12% body fat, and I want to go 130 for next wrestling season. I was wondering if with this schedule, I would be able to keep it off with minimal cutting (nothing that would severly lower my preformance, but I could easily do some cutting)Here is my schedule for now, and then my summer schedule.

6:30-Wake up, either a bowl of real oatmeal (not instant) made with skim milk, and add 1/2 banana, and some raisons; or a bowl of Kashi GoLean crunch. A cup of green tea, and a cup of water or OJ. Multi-Vitamin

11:45-On Whole wheat bread;Ham Turkey and Lettuce. A serving of salad (lettuce, cucumbers, Mushrooms, nuts, raisons, a little of light italian). Or if the lunch service is serving a pasta dish. Also if I bring lunch, Penut butter, honey, and banana. A cup of milk.

3:00-4:30-Jog 10minutes then lift (on off days for lifting, intervals)

6:00-8:00- Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday-Wrestling Club. Weds. Friday Saturday-MMA

8:00-Either a pasta or meat dish, healthy.

10:30-Protein Shake
(and throughout the meals, add fruit if possible)

In the summer, More-less the same eatting schedule, except I would be doing longer runs, swims, and sprints. Workout is the same.

Do you guys think I should be able to pull this off and do you have any modifications you would add and with all the lifting and training (which will be hard) is this enough to keep me nourished.

Thanks a lot

Nick-- Since you're only 15 and still growing, and since wrestling season is so far away, I advise against shooting for a particular weight class. In fact, I wouldn't even bother getting on a scale again until the first day of practice next year (which should be at least 3 weeks before your first competition). Remember, getting big and strong is a good thing! Who knows, you may walk onto the mat next season ripped and ready to wrestle at 145 or even 152.What I do advise is having a healthy diet, but not to limit calories so much. If you will really work out with the wrestling club and mma as often as you say, the only thing you need to think about is making sure you get enough protein, vitamins, and calories (the diet you posted sounds good, but don't be afraid to vary it to a high degree; just eat lots of healthy food).Are there many freestyle wrestling tournaments in the summer near where you live? If so, hit them! And don't worry about cutting weight much for them, anyhow; think of them as a way to keep busy, healthy, and improve for the next high school season. Cutting weight all year at your age is not good for you and could even stunt your growth (especially since you're already well within the healthy range of bodyfat).3:00-4:30-Jog 10minutes then lift (on off days for lifting, intervals)The only off day I see that you have in your wrestling/mma schedule is Monday; when will you lift?I have to go to lunch, but I might have more to say so if you have more ?s, ask.

I'd try to add some muscle during the off season. If your doing the work, you might as well get the muscle that comes with it. Who know, maybe you won't be able to or want to wrestle in a few years, and the extra muscle will help pull chicks/other sports.

Damn, thats wierd Furey. Whats even weirder is I think I heard you say you are a second year wrestler once, which I am as'd you do this season?

Urquhart thanks a lot for the response. To answer your question, I meant days I'm not lifting, intervals. So say I'm lifting Monday Weds. and Friday, on tuesday and thursday do intervals. I am lifting before I go to MMA and Wrestling.

Thanks a lot and any more replies would be great

Okay. Just be careful not to overtrain, either physically or mentally. Take a couple of weeks off from wrestling and mma at least every 3 months. The swimming, running, etc is good in the interim. Why not play some tennis, basketball, soccer, anything to keep you active and having fun. If you keep all this up, you'll come back next year as an animal.

BTW, since you like long runs anyway, think about joining the cross-country running team at the end of summer. In most states cross-country ends just before the time wrestling starts, so it will keep you in great shape, and it will make a great mental break between summer wrestling club and the high school wrestling season (and it's a great way to meet healthy girls ;).

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