Can Sokodjou continue winning?

good to see him back!!!

^ Correct. I think Dana wanted to test him well, I'm glad after his previous two performances not showing us very much.

no, he cannot. it is impossible.

Not if Glover Teixeira gets to fight him in UFC..


To beat Lil Nog and Arona back to back is almost unbeliveable. Without ever really watching him I think he has to be top 5 or better.

he didnt just beat them, he blasted them

Was a good fight.


Sok can keep winning as long as he is allowed to hit people with his fists.

Glover Teixeira KOed his ass..

STFU steyr.TK "beat"Fedor too.Lober beat Shamrock too.

Soko is a major stud and I cant wait to see him in the UFC.

ONE loss for Machidas boring ass and he is outta here.Dana just cant justify it til it happens.

Soko will make it happen...

Thierry is the future of 205lbs. As much as I like Machida, THIS SOKO OH MY GOD THIS SOKO!

this next 1 wont b quick

I agree K-san.

Great base,w/seemingly great striking and a judo skill set that we havent even seen yet.

I dont see anyone being as big of a potential threat to Quinton as Soko...

Word from the Team Quest camp is that Soko is the best athlete in MMA and has the skill set to own.

"ONE loss for Machidas boring ass and he is outta here.Dana just cant justify it til it happens."

I hope they don't cut Machida if he loses. I'd love to see him fight Anderson at 185. One of the few (only?) guys I think could have a chance.

I agree orcus.But I hope it never happens.

LOL@Machida doing anything in "savage fashion"

If Machida loses this fight it's an upset imo.

I agree with CRE, Machida will TKO him. Soko hasn't faced any real strikers yet, Machida will be a wakeup call for him. I'd love to see Soko win, but Machida may be the best technical striker at LHW, I simply don't see how he can be beaten.

No win for Soko should be called an upset at this point.