Canadian olympic trials

Well the Canadian olympic trials are next weekned, and I now some ppl on here that are goin to watch, i myself am competing, but am wondering to those who follow wrestling at all who u think will win each weight, or if u now of anyone from ur area going!
Here are my pics:
60kg-Gia sissauri
74-id go for myself, but the former olympic champ is there so Daniel Igali
84-nick uguola
heavyweight-colbie bell

if u have nay questions feel free to ask, i can try to answer them! Thanks for ue time!

Isn't Daniel Ingali's back still fucked up?

Tell us where and when...


Daniel is still wrestling it......but its december 11-14 in edmonton, sherwood park at millenium place

freestly is on the 12&13 begining at 10a.m, and grecho on the 14 begining at 9am

Shit, I should have asked Stu tonight if he was going.

Good pics except for 66kg, Danny is good but always chokes under pressure, hes beaten everyone in the weight but never pulls out the important tourny. I like Evan for the weight for the opposite reason, wins when it counts and someone is gonna have to beat him 2x to take the division. And the fact him and Weiker are my old roommates I gotta pull for one of them. Nick has to pick his game up to but the division isn't that packed, but Roozbay(sp) could pull an upset there.

yeah its at millienum place in sherwood park and i will be there cheering you on roger alves, i hope some people go check itout to see you as well some of yah didnt see him fihgt well he is an even better wrestler than fighter

Good point for nick he looked fantastic at the SFU international tourney...and won....i think hes got himself togeather.....but u make a good poin in the 66kg weight class....either way its goin to be the most anticipated weight class to watch with over 15 well qualified athletes....which can all represent this country....... thx chris its goin to be fun wrestling with veterans....i only hope youth and determination can overcome there experience.......but in the end it will be a good experience for me............scarface just wondering where u from and if u are goin to be in edmonton!!

That is one tough house Scarface... a burglers nightmare!

Alves, I'm Sean Pierson, wrestled for Brock and coached there as well. My house was me, Ryan Weicker, Evan Macdonald and Steve Snyders. Someone would get a beat down trying to get in there.

Hey Sean.

Our mag is still trying to get a guy to who can be the 'Wrestling' correspondant. We have some small stuff in the magazine, but would like a contact of someone who can keep us more up to date.

Can you drop me an Email or call Joe if you have any ideas or folks who could throw stuff our way.



Good luck to ur brock boys here in edmonton.....Damn that is a tough

sean+ weicker+
macdonald + snyders==== the house of pain
i was waondering if any of the brock guys (the younger ones like weicker are going to fight???????? i ve wrestled weicker long time ago and he is way ahead of time and going to do great as a wrestler and could excell as a fighter too

good luck alves

Freestyle / libre

55 KG - FS
1. Mikheil Japaridze - Montreal W.C.
2. James Crowe - Brock W.C.
3. Mike Stitt - UCWC

Pool / Poule
Cory Horsburgh - Calgary Rebels
Clint Kingsbury - Brock W.C.
Jamie Macari - Brock W.C.
Promise Mwenga - Black Bears W.C.
Andy Hutchinson - UCWC
Travis Bellarose - Prince George W.C.
Sean Dalton - Cattown
Apollo Belisle - Cattown

60 KG - FS
1. Gia Sissaouri - Montreal W.C.
2. Saeed Azarbayjani - Brock W.C.

Pool / Poule
Jesse Nelson - Bears W.C.
Jake Ledoux - Team Impact
Rene Harrisson - CLAB
Brad Hotchkiss - Essex W.C.
James Pernal - Essex W.C.
Chris Chase - Salisbury W.C.
Joe Slobodian - Bears W.C.

66 KG - FS
1. Evan MacDonald - Brock W.C.
2. Rob Lang - Cattown
3. Mike Francis - Team Impact

Pool / Poule
Ryan Weicker - Brock W.C.
Cleopas Ncube - Brock W.C.
Steve Zureski - Bears W.C.
Ainsley Robinson - Team Impact
Nasir Lal - BMWC
Chris Harada - BMWC
Neal Ewers - BMWC
Dean DeHamel - BMWC
Jeremy Podlog - UCWC
Chris Prickett - Guelph W.C.
Danny Brown - Guelph W.C.
Fred Harrisson - CLAB
Corey Giles - Fort St. John W.C.

74 KG - FS
1. Daniel Igali - BMWC
2. Zoltan Hunyady - Guelph W.C.
3. Danny Einhorn - BMWC

Pool / Poule
Roger Alves - Bears W.C.
Paul Harrison - Team Impact
Steve Rose - BMWC
Wade Elliot - UCWC
Cody Thordarson - Salisbury W.C.

84 KG - FS
1. Carl Rainville - Montreal W.C.
2. Roozbeh Banihashemi - BMWC
3. Nick Ugoalah - BMWC

Pool / Poule
Jonathan Rioux - Montreal W.C.
Adam Fera - Brock W.C.
Roger Jenkins - Team Impact
Travis Cross - BMWC
Victor Sprenger - Guelph W.C.

96 KG - FS
1. Dean Schmeichel - UCWC
2. Randeep Sodhi - BMWC
3. David Zilberman - Montreal W.C.

Pool / Poule
Melvin Campbell - Calgary Rebels
Mike Neufeld - Brock W.C.
Peter Guterson - Independent
Jeremy Rudack - UCWC
Jesse Wiseman - CLAB
Jordan Dimitrov - Montreal W.C.
Chris Cox - Cattown

120 KG - FS
1. Wayne Weathers - Team Impact
2. Colbie Bell - Bears W.C.

Pool / Poule
Steve Snyders - Brock W.C.
James Kirkland - Bears W.C.
Derek Lauder - Toronto Thunder (CYC)
Renaldo Bernardo - Prince George W.C.
Adriano Bernardo - Prince George W.C.
Eric Kirschner - UCWC
Ari Taub - UCWC
Orett Morgan - Guelph W.C.

This is the list for the registration so far !!

66kg will be a war !!! Most of these guys can beat each other on any given day .

Just depends on who is the healthiest and who has the best day .

55kg looks great as well, can't wait to hear the results

55 will be
Mikheil Japaridze - James Crowe

60 will by
Gia Sissaouri - Saeed Azarbayjani

66 will be
Evan MacDonald - ????

74 will be
Daniel Igali - Zoltan Hunyady maybe Wade Elliot

84 will be
Carl Rainville - Nick Ugoalah maybe Roozbeh Banihashemi

96 will be
Dean Schmeichel - David Zilberman maybe Randeep Sodhi

120 will be
Wayne Weathers - Colbie Bell

Sean Pierson, good pics i would have to agree with you on all of them exept the 120kg i think colbie bell for sure, why weathers? other pics were right on with mine thhough

I think 84kg might go Nick 1st if he's wrestling well. I don't know if Wayne has been wreslting at all lately since I haven't been out to practice but he just more of an all arounf athlete then Bell is. Thats why I pic him winning 3-1, he also has to lose 2x which could prove to be tough