cardio/running question

through out my life ive always had a problem running 'distances' which really means anything more than a mile but at the same time i can do 40min on the bike at a pretty good pace. im starting to wonder if i just have terrible form/breathing technique when i run. i get terribly winded and my legs cant handle it for the most part.

now when im on the bike i can feel the burn but i can tough my way through it. i make sure not to cheat myself on there because i know i have to make up for not being able to run very much.

i really want to improve my cardio because id like to take bjj classes soon and i dont want to be the winded young guy after 2 minutes of rolling.

heh i actually never considered that since i run so slow as it is. ill give it a try and see how it works out.

ttt in case anyone else has any advice?

could #2 be a VERY big factor? when i played football and lacrosse i was always running in heavy cleats or cross training shoes. and even today im running in the same shoes so maybe that is part of the problem.

thanks for the advice guys