I think Newton won this fight. He made my wrestling and Sweeps look like shit.

Hey Jack ass I was complimenting Carlos's skills and putting mine down. I can never fucking win with you jerk offs...

Takase won IMO.Newton stalled too much.He used to be exciting.

It was a Ricco/Mino type decision. Except Carlos did less damage than Ricco..

Newton definitely should have won. It was a close fight but takedowns, Newton dominated, stand-up, Newton had the edge, GNP, Newton won, but Takase won the sub attempt. Unless the sub was actually successfull that you can say that it was damaging. But even without a KO from stand up or GNP, damage is being accumulated. I understand about the stop watch from Hume's explanation but even then, I dont see the sub attempts being longer than the combination of GNPs, Stand ups, and takedowns.

I guess I'm either blind or crazy, but I thought Takase won the standup striking. He landed the cleaner shots. Maybe I just have to watch it again...

Newton did no damage at all with his GnP. He was too busy making sure he wouldn't get submitted.

I thought Newton won a close fight. Takase was very active on the bottom though. I just thought Carlos was in control and won more aspects of the fight. If sub attempts are the most important criteria Takase gets the nod.

Either way it was a very technical fight and I liked watching it.

Here's the criteria from most important to least:

Effort to finish the fight by KO or submission,
Damaging your opponent,
Standing combinations and ground control,
Take down and defense,
Weight differences of 10 (ten) kg or more


onemanarmy(machine may) is a fucking tool.

OneManArmy isn´t machine may, he´s walking around threads posting comments and attributing them to different posters. just yesterday he posted and signed it "WestsideStrangler".

It was a tough call, but I gave it to Takase in a close one.

- Takase had many sub attempts from the guard (& almost had newton caught twice... props to newton's tendons on that armbar)

- Newton's G&P was not that effective. For effective G&P see "Punk" Minowa fight)

- no one controlled the stand up action

g-hands said- "Newton's G&P was not that effective. For effective G&P see "Punk" Minowa fight)"

BEcause Carlos was moved to the center of the ring when they were near the ropes. Minowa was allowed to use the ropes.

Groundcontrol-- Minowa didn't use the ropes, he used the corner... Totally legal. I'd expect that we'll see many future Pride fighters using this strategy.

lol @ "Its not always about you Chris!!!! Or is it???"


Ryan ur crazy

"I can never fucking win with you jerk offs... " - westsidestrangler.

Chris - yeah, you can't please the jackoffs but there's literally thousands of respectful fans and fighters reading that ARE pleased by this type of post. For me, to have a worldclass fighter that just fought Takase come on here and compare his performance to Newton's is the essence of why I'm on here. This is a real opportunity for the fans not available in most sports. Keep it up brother. For every asswipe that comments negatively, particularly to a fighter, there's 100 positive knowledgeable folks silently watching.

G-hands: i thought I was the only one that made this distinction. I commented on other thread then finally made a thread about it. The corner and ropes are not equivalent. He was fighting a bigger guy who was just holding on for dear life at the end. I thought the strategy was working and had they given it a draw as they should have, Minowa would have beat Ryan up in overtime. Like in the Sak fight, a gassed Ryan was saved by the clock.

Renzo and Matt Hume both thought that Newton won in their eyes.

Newton got screwed...


He was killing him on the feet...