Cartwheel kicks on UFC Undisputed 3 Video Game?

Will Brian Ebersole make it onto the newest UFC video game?

Will they ensure that the cartwheel kick is represented, in all it's glory??

And finally, will they have the Hairrow proudly emblazoned upon the chest of this Ameri-stralian fighter???


it would be a disservice to the mma community at large if none of the above happen.

If there are two things that the current UFC game is missing, it's defiantly TWAS and cartwheel kicks.

Off the cage kicks por favor?? Phone Post

TTT I sure hope so.



I think they will have the cartwheel kick but the Hairrow will need to be unlocked. Phone Post

If Ebersole isn't in the new UFC game, I won't buy it. Phone Post

I wouldn't be suprised if technology can't duplicate it :(

How good would manscaping cheats be!!


i would have thought will all the views there would have been more posts.

 The best part of the game wo.... OH! CARTWHEEL KICK!!


Mix6APlix - What about the Showtime Kick?

Tell Anthony Pettis to start his own thread if he wants it in. This is all about the cartwheel kick and the chest hair art known as the 'hairrow'.

 lol @ thq being able to do that hahahaha

 If you rack up enough wins on Undisputed, do you get to up your skills with HRT?

ANyone else think Joe Daddy threw a cartwheel on the buzzer R2 the other night??


 ^^ He for sure was. Or, at the least, he was faking one. Bob and weave, bob and weave.

I will play as u everytime If u have the arrow. Phone Post

 I am expecting a cartwheel kick in everyone of your fights from now on.  Please do not disappoint me, Brian.  <3