Catch Wrestling DVD Sale!

We have just professionally converted the original masters of Tony Cecchines 10 volume CatchWreslting set to DVD. This is a 4 volume DVD set with chapter breaks for each technique. These are of course real DVD-Video and are region free to play anywhere in the world. The retail price of the ten tape video set and the new DVD set is $199.99. However, for my friends at MMA.TV, I am going to offer a limited time only sale for $99.00 plus shipping. This comes out to $10 per tape. This is not a pre-order sale, the are completely in stock and ready for shipping.


When checking out, use the special discount code, "Catch". Do not use the quotes, just the word. You will receive $100 off at check out.


That's an awesome deal.

Great deal!

Sounds great - does it have a menu as well?

Crashed that first Porche and need another? ;)

tony C is an excellent instructor.

wow... I have been waiting for this...

Will the Lou Thesz tape (#11) from this series ever be made available?

Yes, the DVDs have a menu.

paul - what ever happen to tape #11???

tony punishes his training partner.

Anyone have any opinions on these tapes? Any online reviews?

WOW, that is awesome!!!

Hey Paul,

I just placed an order. What do you reckon the lead time to Australia is likely to be?

you can also buy from tony directly and put the money in his wallet.

Is it the same product with different packaging????

Let me clarify something also. I am the only person in possession of the original masters and the only person who has a set of masters. The only versions that have ever left my building since I filmed this series have been VHS copies. This even includes Tony C and his VHS copies. Any other versions of this series were made from VHS copies, period. My DVD sets were authored professionally by my in house production company directly from the Betacam original masters.

This is most definitely not the same set as what Tony is selling. These were authored for DVD from the original Masters by WMA. These are pressed, region free DVD-Video also, not computer burned DVD-RW.

How long ago did Bill Lewis decide to review this set?


I've already got the tapes, and they are excellent, any additional discount for upgrading to the DVDs?

- Charles

"you can also buy from tony directly and put the money in his wallet. "

You forgot to say buy from Tony directly and put $237 in his pocket for 5 DVD-Rs, as opposed to $99 in Paul's pocket for 4 pressed DVDs (I don't give a shit about the format, but they do cost a lot more to produce than DVD-Rs).

Also you don't see Tony C. on here giving special discounts to the UG.

Why isn't there a big outcry about Tony C. ripping people off?

Buying from Tony C. would be dumb - cutting off your nose to spite your face,