CAWA Team Trials and International Event: Aug 8-9

 The Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association is holding the CAWA World Grappling Team Trials on August 8, 2009 in Ottawa. Weigh-ins are on August 7th and the tournament is on August 8th. The FILA World Championships will be in Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA on December 11-13.

Here's a link to the Trials information. You must compete in the Trials to go to the World Championships.

That same weekend will be the first international event in Canada under FILA rules: the Canadian KCG Grappling International on August 8-9. Here is a link to this event: 

Both events will be held at Algonquin College.

Weight categories:

Men/Homme  60-66-74-84-96-120 kg

Women/Femmes  50-55-59-63-67kg

For more information and to register, visit the links above. See y'all there!


Thanks for the posting TriangleGirl. I know you will be there looking for another spot on the National Team.

For all that have any questions regarding either event, I am the Development Manager for the CAWA and the main Convenor for the World Team Trials and KCG International. I have hosted 11 National Championships in Wrestling and Grappling so I expect the event to be very good.

ONE of the NEW things that we added is selection for the National Team will be the TOP 2 from each weight class.
- so you will have 2 changes to make the TEAM.

Contact me at: I will get back to you very quickly.

Thanks all,

MMmm this is interesting. You must compete in the trials to go to the worlds. Then the worlds will cost you Plane fare, Hotel, Meals and Entry fees. Doesn't sound like a great deal to me. (Nowhere does it mention that the trip will be covered - like was mentioned at the Abu Dhabi trials)

If you are indeed paying all expenses to the worlds, then I think it is vital to post it on the website. That will lure top talent.

And the comeback would be that we would be looking to secure sponsors etc. Another org. has done this kind of thing before. Didn't work too well.

You can enter the Mundials without a trial and compete anyways. (I'm just saying)

Ckingsbury - Thanks for the posting TriangleGirl. I know you will be there looking for another spot on the National Team.

You bet. :)

2009 World Team Trials and Canadian "KCG" Grappling International

Dear Everyone,

I hope that this gets out to all the communities. Please forward to any grappling and art schools too.

The CAWA and myself will be hosting the Second World Team Trials for the Grappling World Championships under the FILA heading.

This years Grappling Worlds are in Fort Lauderdalel Florida - so much closer and cheaper.

As well as host I am holding the FIRST Canadian International Grappling event under FILA Sanction. It will be only the second international event in the Western World (first was in RIO, Brasil)

Please review the links.

Pass it along. - World team trials - International event


Not sure if I'm gonna be able to make it, cause I may have to work around that time. But if it does work out, I'd love to do it again.

ttt. I'll be there.


ill be there

this has nothing to do with the thread. Just wanted to say that Captain Awesome is likely the coolest screen name in life. Seacrest out!!!


Hahaha, thanks Jase
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hello as sortofangryray will attest i aint that smart. My questions are then,

how do you have 2 events on the same weekend. also are you related to the national capital wrestling club in anyway ?
thank you for basing this out of ottawa neat, goodluck.

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figured out your related to N.C.W.C. peace

eDraven: The Trials are on Saturday and the international event is on Sunday.

thank you kindly miss triangle, like i said before i aint the sharpest tool in the shed, soooo.... whatever might the difference between the two things be ?? thank you and hope your friday is friday like. peace, alan.

The Trials are for a spot on the national team, which is how you'd get to go to the World Championships. They're open to any Canadian citizen. The international tournament is just a tournament, but there will be people coming from a few different countries.


hmmmmmm.... what if someone wanted to do both, would they not be somewhat drained and perhaps not 100% for the tournamnet? (yes i am a baby)